Please help me with my earning reports and suggest me good ad networks .

Hi bhavinpanara,

I didn’t receive an email from you so I thought I would get in touch :slight_smile:

I’m Clara from AdBuddiz, I just wanted to let you know that we currently have some great high paying campaigns in India.
AdBuddiz focuses on premium full-screen ads and has always been Google compliant.
One of the ways we differ from the others is that we have developed a complex algorithm that adapts the ad flow based on your users profile, so that we can maximise your revenues.

We also work on the creatives so that our ads look beautiful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] if you require any information or have any questions.

@bhavinpanara I’m surprised that you’re only getting a 0.19% CTR w/ the Admob banner. Have you thought about adding interstitials after a new question loads? That could increase your CTR and your earnings.

Tapit Home - TapIt by Phunware offers great new ad units and they have a very light SDK with easy integration. Check them out!

Of course he wont give a link because those apps don’t exist, or if they exist we would instantly know that he’s lying when we see his apps with 1k downloads, lol