Pingjam - another pricing update (simpler)

Hi Guys,

A lot of the questions we get from developers are about our monthly active pricing and how it works. We want to simplify it (and pay you even more):wink:

Here’s the new, simpler, program:
Any app that is published with our new SDK before October 15th will get:

  • Everyone gets - $1 every day for every 1k actives in the US
  • Silver members - Get $1.5 every day for every 1k actives in the US
  • Gold members - Get $2 every day for every 1k actives in the US

As a quick recap - a device is considered active if it makes or receives at least one phone call during the day. It doesn’t have to be a business call and they don’t need to see an ad. If they make or receive at least one phone call during the day - you will get paid.

Please follow up with any questions you have.

Happy hunting,

How you pay for non U.S. users?

Excellent choice listing your rates on a daily basis (as opposed to monthly basis), it does a lot to eliminate confusion regarding your payment model and how active users are counted. :slight_smile:

How user can disable your SDK? Button “x” only close current dial ID.

so essentially you pay .0001 per user per day in the us, ugg got a bad feeling about this ad model, don’t get me wrong, we appreciate new innovative models but imagine ads start popping up when you start making phone calls, is it easy to uninstall this ad? or are you like “where the fuck did this come from?”

listen people, I don’t think you can have ads outside of your app, I know the T&C’s don’t explicitly say so but I have a bad feeling about these ad formats. So basically startapp is going to change your homepage bookmark but not actually ad a bookmark to your bookmarks, don’t you think they meant no changes at all to your browser but just got the terminology wrong. This is playing with fire and I for one will stick with banners and interstitials

What is the answer ? Is simply 0 ?

Canadian and Israel installs are at $5 per 1k active installs per month and the rest of the world is at $1 per 1k active installs per month

At the bottom of every ad there is an attribution link “ads via xyz app”. When that is pressed it will take you to the settings page of the hosting app where you can uncheck a box and the service stops working.
One thing that I’d like to stress is that our opt-out is global. Once a user unchecked that box our service will not work on that device even if another app installs us on the device.

I know that it’s easy to imagine how a service like this can be abused, but we are committed to creating a positive experience for the users. We are in constant discussions with Google to make sure that our product is fully compliant with the policies and the spirit of the ecosystem as Google sees it.

Let me explain what that means to us:

  • We only show caller id when a call with a business occurs. We don’t work on private calls
  • When a business call happens we will show a caller id regardless of whether we have an ad for that call
  • Only if we have a relevant ad for that call we will show it right next to the caller id. This means that a lot of the calls that we resolve for the users don’t have ads next to them. It’s a free service that we provide

What it comes down to is that the average user will not see more than 1 ad a day from us. We are very careful not to cross the line that will make our service annoying.

It is extremely easy to disable the ads; either don’t press “yes” to opt-in to the service or click the attribution link at the bottom of every caller id or ad screen and unmark a checkbox to disable it forever.

Btw, I think that one of the most telling things about Pingjam is that, by choice, our employees (including me) have the service enabled on our devices. We find it very useful. Can you imagine any ad company employee purposely activating push-ads or icons on their device?

I hope this helps explain how we think about our users and developers.

if i downloaded the sdk when it was $25 do i still get $30 now?

As long as you publish before October 15th you will get the best payment level we have.
This means that you will get $1 per day for every 1k actives in the US.

I published game with pingjam 2 days ago and i don’t see many actives yet in the dashboard.
when do you update your dashboard?

Our dashboard is updated every 24 hours.
Since your game is a new app - it might take time to see your installs grow substantially. If you’d like me to look into your numbers please pm me or send an email to [email protected]

Any one can compare pingjam with startapp revenue?

In summary: StartApp pays more at the start, and Pingjam will eventually pay more if your user retention is high.

US users:
StartApp: $16* per 1000 users
Pingjam: $2 per 1000 users each day

The only question is, do your users keep your app by an average of 8 days or more? If yes, Pingjam will pay you more. Also worth noting that if your app has good retention, it’s safe to assume your userbase will continually grow, which, in turn, will further increase your revenue with them as your app ages.

The above is US traffic, though. For rest-of-world the numbers are very different:

RoW users:
StartApp: $2* per 1000 users
Pingjam: $1 per 1000 users each month

Your users would need to keep the app for 2 months on average, in order for Pingjam to match StartApp. Though of course, in reality your traffic sources will be a mix of US and RoW, so the real numbers aren’t as straightforward as this. Also worth noting that these numbers assume your userbase never fails to make/receive a call each day (as that’s a requirement for Pingjam to count the user as active).

  • I’m not including StartApp’s in-app bonus because Pingjam doesn’t require you to use in-app ads to maximize revenue, therefore allowing you to pick whichever network pays you best for in-app.

google shows 2106 installs but your dashboard only show 1578 active. why only 1578?

because all of your users may not have upgraded to the version which has pingjam.

Users need to receive/make a call to be counted as active for the day.

I’ve sent you a pm with all the details that concern your account.
As a general rule, there are a few factors that influence an active count:

  • Not all users opt in to use Pingjam. This means that they will appear in the Google dashboard but will not be in ours
  • Our system shows the actives for yesterday. This means that if you have installs today they will not appear in our dashboard until tomorrow but you could see them in Google’s dashboard
  • Google shows you all the installs that where not uninstalled. We look for live devices. This means that if someone put the phone in their drawer/lost the phone/went hiking you won’t see them as active in our system.

I hope this helps explain the discrepancies.