NOTIFY | July EXTRA BONUSES up to $2,500. New Triple Play Ad Unit!

Hi Developers,

The early bird gets the worm!!! We are starting our July promotion early!

The promotion is simple. Bonuses are as follows:

$100 for 250,000 impressions.
$225 for 500,000 impressions.
$500 for 1,000,000 impressions.
$2500 for 5,000,000 impressions.

T & C details:
[li]You have until the end of July 2014 to generate these impressions.[/li][li]Hit us up once you’ve reached the goal you’re shooting for, and we’ll send the payment in that particular pay cycle. Keep in mind, we pay every 7 days.[/li][li]Only ONE bonus per developer.[/li][/ul]

Have a look at Notify’s Triple Play ad unit!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.09.40 PM.jpg

Triple Play lets users choose from three targeted offers and is a smart way to display relevant, engaging content that customers can interact with and select from.

This simple, yet sophisticated ad unit demonstrates Notify’s continued efforts to gather intelligence to optimize ads with on-the-fly A/B testing.

Triple Play Demo | NOTIFY: Triple Play Demo | NOTIFY - YouTube

Good Luck with your goals!

If you haven’t signed up yet, then here’s the create account page:

That sounds great. I hope ill reach some of these numbers :slight_smile:

I must also commend your company and recommend it to everyone.
Earnings with you is much better than the other networks, and most importantly, you’re always there when I need support.

Keep up the good work ! :wink: :cool:

Thanks for the high praise! :slight_smile: Glad to see that you are enjoying better earnings and smooth user experience.

This is my small chart. I like the fact that these guys work with you and are easy to talk to. Plus the AD’s are google compliant which is always on everyone’s mind.

Company Impressions Revenue
Tapgage 66,000 $30
Leadbolt 56,000 $89
Notify 15,000 $70

can you share you eCPM wih them please ?

They are rapidly work to improve dashboard but i can show you this:
View image: app detail

And my paypal report:
View image: paypal

thanks, looks like CPM in about 1.2$

Keep in mind that this is my audience:

So if you have more US users. CPM will be much better

As you know, eCPM is such a difficult standard to use for revenue comparisons. @ddrmic makes a good point about GEOs. Demographics play a huge role in strong revenue performance using the eCPM standard metric. Moreover, certain apps have one type of user, while another app may have a totally different type of user-base, even from the same region or GEO. Which is why we are constantly testing to improve optimization.

eCPM’s can also be skewed by the ad placement itself. What it really comes down to is that you’re getting the most revenue per user while still keeping them engaged and happy with their app experience. That is the fine line that most developers try to walk. We do well to guide you on that tightrope and we perform to the highest level possible because we work on CPI, CPM, CPA, CPC models on the backend with our advertisers to truly give you the most revenue per user (RPU if you will). Our eCPMs are competitive with the market and I am happy to report that many of our developers have been claiming that we are outperforming. :slight_smile:

Please do not hesitate to PM me if you would like to discuss the details of your apps/users and potential eCPMs. Hope that helps! Happy Developing!

Thats excellent EPCM only1.5% of the users where from U.S. and ddrmic still made solid money. The main users of the app where from Serbia and Croatia.

I see a lot of threads where people are not getting payments or revenue is dropping. That’s 2 problems you won’t have with notifymob I get paid every $25 bucks made every Friday. None of the Net 10,20 type stuff.

Hey, I have one question, you have push ads in your ad units… is it allowed in GP?

Push Ad’s are not in line with google play policy’s and will result in you getting banned from google play market. Now you can use push AD’s in other marketplaces like opera,slideme,etc. Yes Notify does have push ADs but not for the Google Play SDK . They have the tripleplay AD’s though which are Google Play compliant and are very effective.

when we check the dashboard, why there is no click data although there are some other data?

As another user pointed out, Push Notification Ads are not Google Play compliant. The Push Notification Ad unit is, however, ok to use in many other alternative App Stores. We give the control to our developers and allow them to set preferences regarding ad units because many of them have users on GP, as well as alternative android app stores. I hope that clarifies things and give our official stance on the matter. Thank you.

@Dr.Hu That’s a great question. We are currently transitioning from email reports to our NEW dashboard. We strive to be transparent and deliver highly accurate reporting. Our real-time user installs, users for the day, impressions etc, are all transparent, completely functional, and almost instantaneous. Clicks, and revenues are reported but not in real time for the moment. We do not like to scrub, which is why we are not adding numbers that are not FINAL in the dashboard. Numbers reported in the dashboard are the final numbers.

We hope to have real-time reporting on clicks and revenue working soon. Until that is ready, we will be adding these numbers once per week. We appreciate your patience in that matter and thank your for your patronage. The good news is that our eCPMs are still very strong and your revenue per-user per month is still extremely competitive. In the end, isn’t that what the numbers boil down too? :slight_smile: We work day and night to bring you a high quality service and deliver performance results. We are constantly adding new features and improving our technology.

If you have any specific questions regarding your account please email me or PM me with the details and I will look into it right away. Thanks again! Happy Developing!

After reading serveral threads and seeing how developers have gotten banned in the past from AD networks like AirPush and StartApp just to name a few I am glad I found Notifymob AD’s 100% google compliant.

Sounds good, will definitely give them a try.

Yes definitely they also have a dashboard that you can track your installs by country in reatime . That way you can plan your marketing efforts accordingly .

I found out video ADs are coming soon to Notifymob. Video ADs are another way of getting high EPCM value and work better for conversions for both the publishers and advertiser .