No Coding "App Makers" - Any good?

Have you had any luck with the so called “App makers” ? The ones that require no programming skills, whatsoever. Most of them are drag and drop kinda thing.

I’ve tried App Inventor, was pretty impressed by the idea, but ultimately left due to several limitations.

What about others? App Geyser? App Makr? App Inventor? …and dozens more?
Are they any good?

You can try Andromo. Many people are using this app maker to create their apps.


Try Gingee. We do have a drag and drop easy to use tool. Creating an app should be relatively easy. Our biggest strength is that once you create your app, no further optimization is needed. And the app can be used for all digital plaforms (online+mobile).

Let me know if you need help getting started. Link is in my signature (sorry for the old version website -a new one will be up shortly).

I use Andromo and I love it! However, i dont know how helpful I am in this discussion since it’s the only app making platform that i’ve ever used. I highly recommend it though. Super easy. I wish you could make games on it tho. Does anyone know of any platforms that can make games?

Yes,Andromo is super easy to use but has a huge disadvantage when it come to what ads you can show. Actually this the weakest thing about all those “drag and drop” sites

I use Andromo and yes it has limitations but it has the most templates or Activities of all the app builders plus you keep the rights to your app. I learned some HTML + Javascript and made games with it later on so it supports you when you learn programming. Either way whether you program or not Andromo has you covered. All other app builders don’t support learning , but in Andromo there are free tutorials on javascript plus frameworks. Highly Reccomend :wink:

Thanks for that, I hope you like what we are going with it. Games are tricky to simplify, lots of people have tried and very few have come even close to doing it.

What sort of ads would you like to see us ad? We just added Millennial Media and we are always on the lookout for more high-quality ad networks. The problem is (and since you are a member here you already know) that many of these ad networks promise more than they deliver. We’ve tested a lot of networks and try to add those that we think perform the best.

Don’t get me wrong - Your platform is one of the best there is , if not the best for the price. I know guys that use it would love to see more networks - try adding applovin , airpush,startapp,appnext,mobilecore and maybe appflood

Thanks, we think what we make is the best when it comes to pure Android. How do those networks perform compared to AdMob? We’ve looked at some of them previously and were not that impressed with the results. I honestly wasn’t sure if startapp and airpush would survive the Google Play policy changes. I had always assumed that their biggest revenue generators were the out of app ads.

In my opinion one of the main problems most developers face is retaining the users. With the retain rates being 20-40% a PPD network in the mix is vital for most of us to survive and make more apps. That’s why you should add startapp or airpush. I think it will definitely benefit the guys who use or are thinking about using your platform. those 2-4 cents for USA install do add up at the end of the month

does airpush bundle sdk has anything like web browser bookmark or out-of-app ads?

I haven’t tried it yet, i took a look, saw the 4000 or so permissions and will patiently wait to see how it goes.

Quick note here to the guys who use Andromo or other “no coding” site and are limited with the ads they can show. You can create a button named lets say “Try More Cool Games” and put your link (no SDK needed just the URL like mine below ) from (ref. link). I found out about them recently, haven’t been paid yet, if anybody has more experience , please share.

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Thanks for the information. I think that retention is a huge problem for apps in general, and I can see it in my Andromo and non-Andromo apps, but I wonder how pay per download advertisers can stay in buisness themselves when retention rates are so low. Unless they themselves are getting something out of that install, which might run afoul of Google Play.

Either way thanks for the input.

I’d really love it if you guys added Airpush. They have a really cool appwall that I would love on my apps.

Do you have any experience with AirPush since they removed their push notification ads? I know lots of developers made money using that ad type, but I haven’t heard much about them since Google banned that ad type.

Coming soon to a PC or Tablet near You, should be a few days to a few weeks ago from launching a beta test.


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