New Appnext SDK - Awesome performance, higher eCPM - auto creative managed!


We released a new SDK a few days ago, and stats are really really good. main reason for the improvement - the new SDK now identifies the type of internet connection your phone has:
[li]If the Wi-Fi/3G/4G connection is good enough - it will show video interstitial (high quality video).
[/li][li]If the phone has low internet connectivity - User will see regular, static interstitial.

Take a look at an example from one of our publishers who integrated the new SDK on the 29th:

And here are some stats about the GEO spread:

This isn’t an example of a super successful publisher. He doesn’t own Subway Surfers, or any premium Android game. And the frequency of the ads in his app is pretty high. Still, results are pretty nice, and really increased from the last version.

Go ahead and try it, see for yourselves!

is you a zionist company?

Not Israeli. Registered in British Virgin Islands, with offices in in Tel Aviv, Beijing, London and Limassol.

I still have problem when I add hash code from appnext to my project on eclipse its show me error and I cant build :frowning: do you know what I should do ?

Send me all the details about the error (including the project itself, if you can), to:
[email protected]

I will have my support team help you find the issue and solve it.

Awesome results! I see a big improvement myself - From $3 eCPM (average of January) to $5 in the past 3 days. Just don’t f&%k it up!

Appnext rules. Thanks @jonathan

When I put placement ID from appnext ,eclipse show me error “Invalid float literal number” thats all and I dont know how to fix it :-/. If u can please write how to fix it on PM if u know how :stuck_out_tongue:

AppID must be as String (in “”). Maybe that is the problem? However Appnext has really messed up integrating resources… They have the same SDK under few positions in their manuals (like SDK video = SDK interstitials, but they have different implementation)

haha yes it was the problem :stuck_out_tongue: thanks mate :slight_smile:

Still I cannot belive, I have them only in backfill but results aren’t so good. @jonathan - please tell me your payment terms:
limits to send it
any weekly options or deleted?

My ecpm in appnext is 0,90 - 1,40 - nothing special but not bad. For me it’s not the revolution. Detecting user connection type isn’t nothing extra :slight_smile:

Payment terms:
Net 10
Wire or PayPal
minimum for payment - $20 (PayPal) or $200 (Wire).

You’ll see. New SDK is not doing magic. Just doing a very good job.

Yes!!! It’s a very good network. I have some apps and my general ecpm has an average of 3 usd. My old network an average of 0.8 Usd. Great Job Thanks Appnext!!!

I have noticed too a performance improvement when updating to the new SDK. In my case I have moved from a very low eCPM ($0-0.1) to great results ($~1.5).

I’m really happy with the new SDK. Good job guys! :smiley:

Great numbers on eCPM. Does it work within the AdMob mediation? What is the average fill rate?

Doesn’t work with Admob mediation.
Fill rates are 100%. All the time.

No banner ads? :frowning:

You can create banners using our native ads SDK, but that’s not our focus.

Hi Jonathan,
did the new sdk boost the performance of the native ads too? Because the last time I was using native ads about 3-4 months ago the ecpm was 0.3 - 0.35$ - very low. Did you enabled the video on native ads or they are just static as usual?

Yes, the new native ads SDK will also the features that improve the eCPM. Email me ([email protected]) and I’ll send it over.

Damn I tried to implement native banner ads but failed, does anyone has a source code that could help me? Thanks.