New Admob is being rolled out for Indian Users

I just upgraded to new admob and the only payment option is via check. Is this same for all? I am from India.

Yes, as of now it is via Check only. that is the reason i did not upgrade.

Check needs address verification in adsense. Address verification is done via PIN sent by adsence in courier. i have been waiting for last 45 days. i did not get any courier mail so far.

So i will suggest not to upgrade to new admob.

I have set up adesnse account, but i did not upgrade so far.

suggestions are most welcome.

I should have asked before upgrading. Now its wait and watch game.

did you upgrade your account ???

بدي استفسر بخصوص طرق الدفع المتاحة

I was getting checks for my adsense payments before upgrade. Now check option is gone and I only have option to get direct bank transfer aka wire transfer. From India only.

New admob must have adsense account?

if i upgrade to new admob , will it may late my payment this month? (It’s already processing and ( i received my payments on every 16 of month) ???

I just double checked my payment settings. The only option available is standard check. But they didn’t ask for PIN verification and all.

YES, thats true. New admob needs adsense account. it won’t process your payments without adsense account.
They have just centeralised all the earnings of youtube monetisation,website ads and android revenue via adsence account.

you must have minimum $10 in your account for requesting PIN.

you will start seeing PIN generation button once your account earnings crossed $10.

Payment methods?
I too seeing only check options in india which is really ridiculous and the only reason i do not want to upgrade to new admob.
there are no other payment options apart from check in india.

But javaexp mentioned that he can see wire transfer option for him,may be he can give more details about this.

I have more than $10 in my account and there is nothing like PIN mentioned in my payment settings. They showed something related to that while creating account but after importing admob data it is gone.

well i have few youtube monetised videos and earnings are taken care by adsense. i do not make much from videos.
so i can say that i had to wait for 20 days to get $10 accumulated in my account. its written in their policies.

they have multiple payment thresholds.

May I know how much page view of your videos generated so far to make the $10?

Its compulsory to upgrade to new admob otherwise i stay with old admob itself please help me

I had received email from adsense about change in payment method from check to wire transfer. The email mentioned a link:

On the above link, you can search for “What is the necessary banking information to receive my payment?” and see IFSC and BIK being mentioned in context of Indian publishers.
May be they are doing wire transfer for old publishers. I had my adsense account registered back in 2007-2008.

No straight calculation. depends on many parameters. eCPM , clicks etc

total views of my videos are 9370 so far and i have $27 in my account so far.

anyone have PIN?

It’s been almost 2 months, i did not get any PIN. adsense enable a button in their site “Request new pin” after some time of your old request.
I had requested 2nd pin when i did not get the PIN in first attempt.

its been more that 3 weeks for second requeet as well and i got no PIN by standarad mail. I get so many letters on the same address i shared in adsense site.

do’t know whats wrong with them.


Got adsense PIN for address verification?
I heard from one of my friends that he had got PIN after 1 year. but he was paid for all the earnings.

Hello. Have u received processed earning via PayPal yet?