New Admob is being rolled out for Indian Users

Hi Guys, Admob seems to have started allowing Indian users to upgrade to the new interface.
I can see an UPGRADE button at the top.

Did any other Indian users see/upgrade ?

Any Pros n Cons for new interface ?

hmm interesting, would they still be paying via paypal? or is that an option that will be stopped?
Enter this site, you can update to new admob :wink:

THe new admob stop paying via paypal, but you can choose western union. It’s perfect :wink:

from what i know, western union fee’s are very high

new admob forcing to have AdSense and a AdWords account. During the upgrading to new admob I had to created those two account… after upgrading I set up all the necessary informations. And i was also able to see income report too. but now when I log in to new admob account it doesn’t let me in. it shows a error page. I have checked my email that because of my AdSense account has disapproved.
So if the new admob doesn’t work am I able to use the old admob as I did before. will my payment process with the old PayPal method. please help.

It’s available in my country as well. But im still reluctant to join the new admob. My worries are :

  1. Should i change the SDK in all my apps? or it will work the same, with old publisher code?
  2. What happened with the rest of my earnings in the old admob? will i payed with new system or paypal?

what are the pros and cons? please share your migration experience…

what fees? convertion rate?

I was about to open a thread and ask the same thing but you already did. Thumbs up.

I have been using adsense for 6 years now and from this month adsense has also started giving wire transfers instead of issuing checks in india. I think admob will also someday merge into adsense.

oops i was using “no Images Ad” in old admob
in new admob its missing i guess can any one guide me Plz :frowning:

Hello I am getting an upgrade button on admob. I don’t have adsense account should I go for upgrade? Pls Help

First set up your account with adsense fully. after that you can go.

setting adsense account takes a lot of time. they does some verification of address by sending you a pin at your address which is very lengthy process. it may take one month or more.

so first do that and then upgrade.

*use same gmail id to set up your adsense

Thanks for your reply but in admob also they are going to send a pin for address verification. So If I will upgrade admob then they are forcing to open adsense account.

just upgraded and notice that my earnings in old admob is gone. it still have 1 month pending earning. will they process it?

Anybody use HDFC bank. Pls share the Swift code for receiving money in HDFC bank or some info on where I can find it.

Quick google search:



my adsense account is banned… what if i dont upgrade?


Newadmobis being rolled out for ksa users too.

I have opened adesnese account and its been 45 days. they did not send me the PIN. i have pressed generate PIN second time as well. My address is absolutely correct.

Any idea how to handel this in India?

Adsense has started showing other payment methods apart from Check in india?