"New Admob" Discussion Thread

It seriously looks much more functional than the old one, but the fact that I can’t use paypal anymore is very very annoying…

Anyone already “moved” ?

I got the update notice but i haven’t upgraded. I think i will sit back and let it come out of testing etc.

I hated using the updated (beta) google play console system, but when it came out of beta they fixed a ton of stuff. I like the new one much more than the old one.

BTW what do you mean you cant use paypal anymore? Is it not a payment option with the update? Or is it restricted for certain locations?

Ohh fuck…i have upgraded…no more paypal… i can’t see my apps anymore can anyone help please?

now the minimum is 70 Euro monthly

@hubris Payment and billing options have changed.=>New payment system=>“New payment options: Forms of payment will no longer include PayPal and Wire.”
I was afraid like you at the beginning, too, but just go to admob.com again and you will have your ads back xD
To get them into the new admob, just go to The “New Admob” and click “Start import” in the pop-up. Wait and smoke some trees and they’ll be there after some minutes.

I have direct deposit to my bank account in google wallet, i wonder if that’s what they have changed to? I don’t want to check right now by updating.

what about the earnings till now, in the old account i had almost 50$, now where can i see them?

I hope so. But it’s not apple, it is google xD

Again my question did anyone upgrade so far and can tell what happens /w PayPal ?
@GanjaApps of course your earnings will be saved

www. admob. com shows old earning.
apps. admob. com shows earning from the time you upgraded.

ok…i thought i was unable to se the old adomb acount, so they will asend me those 50$ through paypal with the september transaction?

Yeah I would assume so.

Interstitial ads now possible!!!

No Paypal? Can you show detail of what payment method?
Admob show me:

The new AdMob is not yet available in all countries. We’re working to extend availability further over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Direct deposit to bank account only support some country. Are they “force” all account update to new Admob?

I bet they will eventually. If I were outside of the US I would prob hold back until all this is figured out. Hell I am going to wait a while and I am in the US.

@alecman : Really ! Is it for everyone or just your apps !!

Is wire transfer still available…?

Can’t upgrade to new admob: An error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again.

Can someone who already updated, write here the new TOS for payment? Is wire still there or no?

No, Wire and Paypal have been removed. You can only add a bank account to pay to.

What’s different between a Bank Account and Wire Transfer? I have my Bank Account details in admob so they send money directly to my bank account, and I think this is so called “wire transfer”… or no?