"New Admob" Discussion Thread

Anyone getting reporting errors for today and yesterday? I’ve got like 50% of normal earnings for yesterday and like 5% so far today.

I’m sure there’s little or no difference. I’m just saying they have removed the “Paypal” and “Wire” options and now you just have to verify a bank account with them.

If you live in a country that has established an international direct deposit relationship with the U.S., you may receive direct deposit payments into your foreign bank account, if not you can not do anything about it. Both systems are basically same but while wire transfer works for every country direct deposit just for some.

If your country is not on this list say “Bye, bye” to Admob in your app.

International Programs - Your Payments While You Are Outside The United States - Country List 6

Have they gone mad? Fortunately my country is on the list, but still, that list it terribly short!

What are the options for Chilean people then? i need the money to get my bananas!

Few ways:

  1. (Easy way) Use some other network or meditation.
  2. (Hard way) Open a virtual firm in some supported country and then use that account to transfer funds to your PayPal. Be aware that this is no easy process so the smart way is to hire some lawyer-adviser (to gave you instructions) or consulting firm to do it for you (they are not cheap) or to do that by yourself (if you are ready to take a risks).

In my opinion if you are making less then 500 euros with Admob its just too painful and expensive to open virtual firm just for them.

I have the same problems. Google has do this many times this month and last month.

Meditation always helps.
But you meant mediation I think. :slight_smile:


For me, the revenue decreased extremely sinve yesterday, but my rpm reached .38

I don’t see any messages in admob - haven’t seen the new admob.

I receive wire transfers from admob regularly.

So is this about to change ?

I highly doubt that admob is going to ditch non americans… That’s seriously impossible because they’d loose millions of dollars! Right now the new admob is only available in the states so wire will be added 100% after it get’s out of beta!

I actually like that they’re dropping support for paypal cuz alot of criminals can easily create one with fake info.

Now that google play has more downloads and android has more market share they’re wanting more “quality” stuff

My 0.02$

I will keep using admob if available. If admob really force us to upgrade and my country is not supported, then I have no choice but to change to other ad networks like millenia media or airpush banner. I not sure maybe Google is too rich and they really don’t care to lose thousands of ad developers.

I have not received the update banner. I am in the UK. Anyone else getting this?

Thanks, James.

Let’s wait and see what will happen. I’ll be much surprised if they will use that short list…

@GanjaApps just wait, they will surely add it. Google isn’t that “supporting” as apple but they don’t steal as that might be illegal. Maybe you open a report ticket, so they can tell you what’s happening with your “old” revenue. Would be interesting to all of us.

My revenue increased a lot!!! I am still having .32 rpm (1.4 times higher revenue) and I think the data now is more often updated. I refreshed the admob page 3 times in 30 minutes and everytime the requests raised. Didn’t have that in the old one.

Good to hear that they are adding almost “realtime” statistics :slight_smile:

If anyone outside america get’s the upgrade please post!


they replied:

This is a migrated account. This will be paid out as usual in next payment cycle.


I am in Italy, upgraded, i think i am earning more : the same amount but in euro. it was 6 $ a day now it is 6€ a day.

I have had it for a week now and I’m in the U.K
My friend from the U.K also has the upgrade and he’s new to Admob.

Anyone got it in Scandinavia?(Specifically Sweden)

Same here, Maybe it’s an error but maybe they wanna give us the money back we spent to greece xDDDDD