My problem with appwiz

I went on a drunken rampage post the other night about appwiz that made me look like an idiot. I had some time to collect my thoughts and explain why I feel they are not a legitimate company.

Basically its the sheer unprofessionalism. My experience with appwiz has been being getting told that I have not implemented the sdk correctly and that I wont get paid for my downloads until I do. The instructions they give for implementing are incorrect and if you follow them appwiz will tell you that you need to make additional changes. However they won’t contact you first and let you know this, they will simply set your ppd rate to $0.0. After contacting them numerous times to try to figure out what I am doing wrong I am finally told to change my sdk implementation to show more in-app ads to be eligible for payment for the ppd and I am to told wait days for more “data” for them to further analyze my traffic since my traffic is supposedly is no good and not generating any profit for them. I make the necessary changes and wait just so they can tell me to wait some more and to get more downloads for them. I convert more of my apps to appwiz and wait some more just to be told to get them more traffic and wait another week. I have waited a LONG time being jerked around like this with no definitive answer whether or nor I will actually be paid for the downloads I received. I could have implemented another ad network a long time ago with none of this bs but instead I wasted a LOT of my time with them hoping that they are legit while not having an answer as to whether or not I will infact be paid. What kind of company does business like this? None of the other four networks I have used behave this way. Its completely ridiculous. Based on the numerous people on the forums complaining of not getting paid by appwiz I feel this is probably a technique they are using to legitimize not having to pay when the time comes.

How is a company able to offer 7.5 cents per US download when their closest competition can only offer 2 cents? It just doesn’t seem legit at all if you think about it. Best case is that they are a dishonest company offering rates that they can not truely offer in many cases. Worst case it is a straight up scam.

My 2 cents.

Same here… they are luring developers by giving attractive rates but infact they cant give that rate after sometime and before $100 payment threshold, they will ban you by excusing abt traffic.

Well, some people have reported that they have been paid, so I wouldn’t say they’re a straight-up scam.

However, I’ll definitely agree that a lot of things are terribly shady about them. The whole “integrate first, get traffic type checked later” is one of the worst concepts I’ve ever seen from an ad network, and one they REALLY need to get rid of. Networks should publicly offer the lowest rates, then offer better deals to devs that meet certain requirements. They should NOT promise the world then kick their users in the teeth after a few weeks of service (incidentally, before they get paid, how convenient is that). It’s pretty obvious AppWiz can’t handle their announced rates for everyone, but they refuse to change them for some unknown reason (maybe to lure in more devs than they’d otherwise get?), and that alone speaks volumes about the integrity of their business. On top of that, there are a lot of inconsistencies that simply raise a lot of red flags about the company.

I have even mentioned these problems before on this very forum, only to have them addressed by an Appwiz representative who either ignored or misunderstood the issues I was pointing out, judging by the replies I got.

Just to be 100% clear here! Our closest competition offers $0.075-$0.08 per US downloads under PPD model, Pls check your scourers, and if they did chose to pay YOU only $0.02 per your US downloads just proves my point regarding your traffic sources…
so in that case we pay way more for your traffic.


Just to be 100% clear here! They can offer any model they want , because finally they not pay for most of developer
i didn’t go to them , they send message to me to join them and after one month they stop my pdd model ,and steal my money

appwiz is scam

search in forum before using it

I was referring to startapp. I don’t consider mobario a compliant ad network and wont risk my account with it. Although what’s interesting is that I haven’t seen anybody complain about them being scammers…

This is real professional anni.

Just to be 100% clear, you say that ROW(rest of world) PPD rate is $0.005 per download…
so i guess the traffic one of my friend getting who got f**ked by AppWiz was from some Alien planet… OMG , Developers Here, Please Note AppWiz has technology to track downloads from other planet:p:p:p

rajan , it is actually 0.005$ for ROW

His point still stands. AppWiz claims to offer a certain rate for RoW, but it doesn’t look like it applies for ALL of RoW, seeing as there are certain traffic sources that they simply refuse to work with.

USA rate doesnt apply to USA as well. Half my downloads were usa.

yaa , i agree with u Lockdown i just corrected him. i also don’t like being force to integrate in app ads of appwiz which give ecpm 0.1$ on good days and also about traffic sources.
i think they should just declare that user who have less than 10% US install will not get PPD or will only get PPD for installs from US

corrected my post, thanks

FYI, my friend has more than 10% installs from USA, still they banned him from PPD.

they want 10% acceptance of eula from US not Traffic

FYI,annie quoted 10% US , i am not the one to quote so chill bro. btw i am on your Your side

Hi Devankit

i was not quoting your statement. i didnt mean to be rude.

i was just trying to point out that anni is lying here also when she said abt the requirement of 10% US traffic.

Sorry for interrupting but is anyone get payment ? Last month was 15 and this month still waiting

They changed their payment model to NET20, from what I’ve heard. So you’ll know in 3 days.

Thanks for reply . I got revious payment NET15 but didnt heard about NET20 and it is ok now . Will wait few days more and also will post when got payment