My first android game got 0 income after a month

Hi to all,

Being unsatisfied about income generated by my free news app (user geo: Italy, ads: admob which going a bit OT is very bad these days), I decided to switch to the game market, developing a free side platform running game but I got 30 Download and just 3 active user after a month :-(, which is really under the sight of the news app (news app after a month got 2000 downloads and 730 active user and 200 DAU, 20 eur income). There was no promotion as for news app, just some sharing on facebook and a video on youtube.
The game is on google play and as the game is not really so bad (not a super game of course: took 2 month to develop programming and assets), I can understand where is the problem. If I got more download and a low level of AU then its clear: users don’t like the game, but what’s tricking me is the low download count for a free game even without promotion.

As I new on the forum don’t know if is fair to post a link to the market, so I will not post it to be sure.

Comments, suggestions and critics welcome.

Well, if you could share the link to this game, we could give you some advice. Some people chose not to share their accounts because they fear copycats, but that is mostly the high-earners who have to fear that. And some share anyway (like mind does) and probably don’t have any problems because of that.

Hi Magnesus,

thanks for reply. Sure I’m happy to share it (just feared to not look like making self-promotion instead of asking for help/reporting income):

Same here … Stange …
Make Some Unique

haha, I did check the video and there you see the mouse pointer :smiley:
My first game has only 3 Downloads for the 1st Month, but is way better done.

Hi guys, thanks for replies.
@BaksaiApps, @kingship
2 in row…well I must admit that the subject is very strange and that in the beginning was a paltform about a no-fliyng bird (a dodo) in a tropical island,
then ask my self: did I play a game with a dodo jumping on tropical style platform ? and what platformer I like to play ? the result is the current game :wink:
Clearly is a bit “geek” oriented (and the are a lot in-game geek quotes), but I thinked that “strange” can be a plus, but is looking more as a minus on game market:
roughly speaking people landing on the store probably says: WTF Math Punk is ? Is this a game or something…Math…Punk ? Bleah waste of time and then go forward searching other games. Thank you again guys for you comments, I will probably switch back to my dodo idea and see if will do better ;).
Well the mouse pointer was due to recording screen software, I’m aware of this but do you think it can explain the low download count ?
when you said better way done, you mean the store presentation or the game itself or both ?
did you mind to share a link to your game with 3 download 1st month ? And is your game now going better at downloads ?
thanks again for your comment.

Still open to comments, critics and suggestion.

I mean, as graphics(I bought them) and sound(free), gameplay(a nice idea of mine - original one) and store listing.
The KitKat has integrated video recording software and is easy to use - up to 3min demo. Remove that mouse pointer… it does shock people :smiley:
No, I will not share bcs of the original gameplay idea. Run and Jump or one tap games - nothing new… with bad graphics and sound for the 2% of the gamers is not going to be a hit.
Try to cover bigger audience, more users and not only the punks… the punks dont play math games… GO PUNK or GO Math, but dont mix Ice cream with spaghetti …

checked your game, code and basic idea of the game is nice, a cute running game and those can still make money… just use your code and make a new theme, copy others is my suggestions, see what other ppl are downloading in the running game niche , check the names and graphics and do something similar. (or, sell the code at code canyon)

thanks for details and for the 4.4 recorder hint, very useful.

thank you for your advice, I will follow your suggestion switching the game theme to be similar to succesfull ones, selling the code maybe an option as last resort, but being curios what do you think will be a fair price at code canyon considering just the game framework + a python levels generator script ?


or 15$…

…15$ sounds pretty good.

if @gbqwerty did buy the code? :smiley: reselling it is legal or not? :smiley:

it will be illegal 'cause as I’m new to java and OOP (I have less than 8 month experience in java/android) there is so much spaghetti code it can drive insane every android programmer that will look inside :slight_smile:

hmmm…maybe people at google have to consider to give me 1 Million $ just to not making it open source :slight_smile:

terrible app. very ugly. my suggest is you should try some else dude. you have to learn about the others, the users, what user prefer to play on their phone. Business is all about customer’s oriented.

Stay classy. Maybe learn English.

ya ya mate. asked someone else to learn english just because can’t understand what thay said? got my point about customer oriented mate? that’s why you folks hard to generate sweet income. because what mate? because selfish and always feel you da best and the clever one. terrible dude, ugly

Hi to all, thanks for comments and critics I’m back with some news to share and still look for some advice & suggestions. Here the story: after your comments about how my game is ugly and strange I followed your advice and created the following game:

Clearly there was a great improvements against “math punk” in daily downloads and revenue (thanks to all for sharing advices), but still don’t hit my revenue target which I set to be 1$/day but I’m on 0,30/day average with the following download behaviour (form monday to thursday got 20 download/daily but during weekend 40 download/daily on google play) the CPM is 0,40$ (this data based on last 3 months)
I use admob (banner and interstitials) and the game is also on slideme, yandex, nokia store, amazon and some others more exotic stores. No marketing, no promotion.

As I don’t meet the revenue target I’m in doubt if improve it and spend some time on it or try to do similar endless runner with another theme (a big reskin), 'cause the game reached his intrinsic value (0,30$/day).

Comments, critics and suggestions very appreciated.

That made me laugh so hard… :smiley: You’re funny, man!

I’m sure as your experience in Java grows, you’ll be able channel your humor into your apps too. Good luck :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, I just noticed you’ve actually dug out an old post of yours. Well, you didn’t give up, took all the feedback, worked on your game again and are determined to get somewhere with it… good job man. I’m sure feedback would start to trickle in soon. Sorry, I’m not a gamer so I don’t have much else to share.

Thank you for your endorsement :slight_smile:

I just checked out your new ninja runner game -
The graphics really need work, if the games does not look good people wont play it. specially in a simple runner game…
Maybe try buying some graphics :slight_smile: