My CTR in one of my app is high using admob interstitial (NEED HELP)

Here’s my concern…

I am using admob and I am new android developer. Right now, I have 10 Active apps in GP and some of my apps standard install is from 1000-5000, I get from 5,000-20,000 impressions per day for 15 days already and keep on increasing per day. My traffic is 70% from only one asian country and others are from US and UK traffic.

My problem is, my CTR in one of my app which I add an admob insterstitial is from 5%-10% and earns me from $8-$15 USD per day for 15 days already, but all in all my impression CTR in all of my app total including banner and interstitial is from 1%-3% and my fill rate is from 99%-100%. Is this safe or normal? if it is not, can anyone help me or suggest the best way to be safe in admob banning of accounts? Thanks in advance.

from my experience, I guess 0.15-0.35% is normal for banners, and 2.5-5% for interstitial.

just try to not put your banners close to buttons, and interstitials at the time when a user will press a button

1st, thanks for your reply…

Is your percentage from individual apps or to your all apps for daily stats?
So you mean my stat is not safe and can banned by admob?

well, in some apps interstitial I even have 6-7% of CTR, but mostly they are below 5, and even below 4%. With banners is almost always below 0.25%.

theoretically they cannot ban you, just because your users click very often. But if they do, it can be checked manually by admob workers, and only if they find that you somehow violate the policies, you will get banned. Just repeat the rules, and try to avoid violating them. This is a nice video, watch it if you have time:

Thanks mate…

I want to know more in other admob users also about there ctr in interstitial and banner per day…


My CTR is between 1.2% and 1.7% (similar % for banners and interstitial exit ads).

that’s nice mate, how about your earnings per day? thanks

6€/day (I have between 5k and 6k impressions / day)

Im having 30k impression a day, used to make $15 per day but last 2 days only $6! Is this normal? I find it really strange. It dropped for 5 consecutive days already

Do you think my admob account is safe for my stats? thanks

This is my stats yesterday in all of my apps

Request: 17k
Impressions: 16K
Fill Rate: 100%
Clicks: 485
Impression CTR: 2.95%
Request RPM: $1.37
Impression: $1.43
Estimated Earnings: $23

Any comments and help really appreciated, I am really afraid my admob account will get banned… :frowning:

can you show me your daily stats? Thanks

A typical day for my main app’s intersticials (which represent 99% of my “revenue”):

Request: 3k
Impressions: 1K5
Fill Rate: 100%
Clicks: 120
Impression CTR: 8%
Request RPM: 1.5€
Impression: 3€
Estimated Earnings: 5€

How long you get this stats? and did you receive already your payments from admob how many times? Thanks

Where did you put your interstitial ad? High CTR is not a problem if it leads to high conversion rate. However, if you put the ad on place that users might click accidentally, it may lead to a problem.

Since last december, no problem with the payments (around 100-120e a month).

My app is a android game, and I put my interstitial after 3 game overs. Where to check if my ads has a high conversion rate? thanks

Thanks mate.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check for Admob publisher, only advertiser know that. If you are afraid of being banned, why don’t you mediate it using different ad networks?

How to do mediate? sorry new devloper :slight_smile: Thanks