MobileCore Invoice

Hi Friends,

Anybody received the MobileCore Payment invoice for the Month of December. It seems that their payment pattern has been changed from Weekly to Monthly payments.


Hi, what eCPM have MobileCore???

$1.05 over 378,645 impressions

You can sign up here


Very low, MobileCore, in the last weeks, with the new SDK 2.0, less than $ 0.50 in the best of cases, absolutely ridiculous if you compare with Appodeal or StartApp (eCPM 1.20$ and 0.95$ in same conditions). MobileCore it’s a bad option now. :frowning:

I have the same StartApp eCPM, about 2 months ago eCPM was more high (2$-2,5$). What networks use with Appodeal, are they good?

For me Appodeal is the better option… but has only a problem… must open a AdMob account for work with it… and this is a inconvenience in my opinion.


Hey guys. Yeah now a days Mobilecore eCPM was not good even in my case.

Let me know if you guys have received the Payment Invoice from mobilecore- December earnings ?

You can try HeyZap, they are approximately the same but you don’t need an AdMob account.

yeah they have changed the schedule

Yeah they have changed it. Have you got the Invoice for the December earnings ?

Hey guys,

Leave your thoughts about Mobilecore here.

  1. About their ads.
  2. About their ad Sdk.
  3. About their payment.

Is not the same. With HeyZap you must open your own accounts with other providers (same than other mediation companies). With Appodeal only must open the AdMob account, but that is MANDATORY, and that’s is the problem, if you not likes work with AdMob… of course.

Still without invoice for december. When is nex payment? 15th January?

Yeah their payment will be out after 15th Jan. Waiting for the invoice still. Do you know when they will send it ?

I believe there is a delay just because of the new year holiday like last year!

Still nothing?

nope waiting for my invoice too

Yeah. Waiting for my invoice too. What is the eCPM you are getting now a days ?

1.5 to 2 usd ecpm for me.

I received an email about the invoice but the Account Payments page doesn’t load.