MobileCore Invoice

I too received the invoice email. And i have approved to. You can contact [email protected] for invoice approval.

Copy that, thanks

When you expect that they will send payment? Today?

In a couple a days i think.

Hi ,
Anybody got the payment ?

Still nothing.

You have to count 15 business days since the beginning of the month… so they should pay on 21 or 22 Jan

Thanks for the reply.

I received my paypal payment yesterday. Fyi

No worry on mobileCore payments. Never missed a payment from them for 2 years.

Anybody got the payment today?

Not received the payment till. Expecting today.

For how many apps you are using Mobilecore. Have you got the Google Play Security Alert ? R u waiting for the Next Updated SDK from Mobilecore ?

You can read here about it: Google play security alert! - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android


Still nothing…

Why payment is so late? Was it because of the problem with Google security alert?

No Email Payment Sucessful Yet

I received payment already.

When did you received payment?today?

Haven’t received the payment Still.

Yes, today.