mobileCore Christmas Promotion Earn up to $15,000 with SDK 1.0

mobileCore Christmas Promotion Earn up to $15,000 with SDK 1.0 a great promotion from mobileCore. The money you earn from this bonus is in addition to the normal revenue and high eCPMs you are already getting with mobileCore.

What you people say about this?

Looks nice, Mobilecore is getting better last times… Their ads shows quicker and they has better eCPM for me…
When this promotion ends? I can see 72 days left… It is after new year :o
If anyone wants the referral link - here is mine : MOBILECORE

This is a limited time offer ending January 31st.

They have video ads now in SDK 1.0. Earlier I didn’t see that extra activity and permissions for video ads in their integration page.
mC is a friendly ad network

  1. Let’s suppose I have some game with levels and after each level I call for ad to mobilecare. In case I have 10 levels, 10 impressions are counted? Or only one?

  2. I have apps with admob interestials on start. It’s good idea to show interestials from mobilecore on exit? Or this will abuse end users which “two” interestials? Other thing is exit ads safe according to Google Policy (as I heard some time ago there were some issues with putting this ads on exit)?

1.Every time you display an impression, it is counted. I’m not sure what you’re confused about there.

  1. No one can tell you how many ads to put in your app. Sometimes only 1 interstitial will be effective, when other times a persistent banner ad and several interstitials will work great. It all depends.
    As for displaying on exit, everything is fine AS LONG as you show the ad before the app itself closes. If the ad displays after the app is closed then you might get banned.

Even if you block the exit button, google will ban the app with reason that your app requires user to view or click ads in order to use the app. They are now scanning the onBackPress and onKeyDown methods of your app’s mainactivity. They may not catch all methods of exit ads as of now but they are catching up on it.

What? Google scans for onBackPressed? I use onBackpressed to dismiss ads, will that get me banned? Also, I use onBackPressed to display an ad going from the game screen to the main menu which is basically not on exit. Is this bad as well?

only your main activity should not have onBackpressed overridden to show ad (again google may not be able to detect exit ads in all cases but they are using mechanism to get rid of new apps). Other screens/activities can have. Anyways I would request use other topic for exit ads. Let’s discuss mC here.

I have been paid more than $20K till now by mC + support always replies to my emails. Thnx to Luciano.

P.S mC = MobileCore

You were banned from Google Play a long time back (and also from Amazon??).
Are you making money through referral by pimping some networks here? (And replying to every possible thread)

Lol no Jim.

I have backup accounts. Got to b smarter than google. No my amazon account is never banned. mC works wonder for many developers. Do give it a try. I would never recommend a below standard ad network specially one which I have never tried.

Greetings to u.

The early Christmas promotion is a nice gesture from MC. The best thing about them is the weekly payments, but the cpm is also good and the support is exceptional. Shows they care about their developers unlike other networks, which hold developers money in their accounts and earn interest on it illegally. Hopefully i’ll get an extra $400 for my projected 1m impressions :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why developers don’t have backup accounts. Google can mess you up anytime, even if you follow their policies to the letter. I got an app banned for showing an interstitial with ‘a close button that isn’t clear enough’. Like its my fault! Bottom line, you have to be ready for the unthinkable at all times.

What do you mean by backup accounts? This should be new, created on other personal data account? Let’s say I have 6 apps, do I have to create 3 accounts per 2 apps? I have only 1 account with admob connected and getting around 10$ eCPM with interestials and 4$ with banners. Still have to spread impressions to other networks?

So how to show ad on exit then? Is it not allowed ?

Just use “search”… It was written 100000000000000000000000000x times

I think less than 100 but ok :p. Thanks for help.

If you get 3 app bans for whatever reason (Ads/Copyright being the most likely) you lose your developer account, and Google will not allow you to register a new one. They use your name, physical address plus other credit card details, ip addresses etc to identify you. Its nice to have a fallback plan, else you might see your earnings/livelihood gone. I usually put 4 to 6 apps on each account and currently i have 4 accounts. My first account was banned in dec 2013 (Had some apps with the wrong content rating/copyright issues). Since then, i have only received 1 app suspension for ads policy violation and one warning. I sleep easy knowing i have a backup option in case the powers that be at Google decide to ban one of my accounts and that’s priceless

Can you share what is the ad network causes policy violation?

You will get a total of $500 if you hit 1M impressions :wink: