mobileCore Christmas Promotion Earn up to $15,000 with SDK 1.0

Many dev here use startapp exit ads include me (Play Store for more than 1 year), and they implementation it in onBackPressed().

My Projected Impression is only 1M… I think I can reach that… 72 days left… :slight_smile:

Does this mean that only the impressions generated until January 31st count?

Do banner impressions count?

I don’t think MobileCore has banner… As far as I know they don’t have banner ad…

My impression counter for the promotion isn’t working properly. Anyone else with this issue?

@A1ka1inE yes… Sometimes my impression counter is zero… lol

it was an technical issue.Now it was fixed…

and also it looks like the earning is missing if you installed app, we tested and there is no earning after install the app, only the impression get bonus?

Earnings for me is working fine… Earnings update is not real time…