Mobario - Compliant or Not ?!

Hi @Android_Investigator,

Thank you very much for your post and clarification.
Mobario will continue to follow the rules that Google sets forth and serve our developers loyally.

I would like just to strengthen what you have mentioned and add the following:

  1. According to the new and older policy, developers may change the system appearance if the user gave them their consent. Before Mobario enables its OnTopWidget we display to the user a video tutorial and afterwards we prompt them a EULA where they are asked if they want our product. We enable Mobario only after the user’s consent.

  2. We do not drop icons or shortcuts on the user desktop to lead to commercial advertising. Rather we create a new floating layer that gives the user its content according to its preferences - so in reality we improve the user’s experience, which is the main objective of Mobario - enhance the mobile user’s experience.

  3. The user knows at every moment the source app of our OnTopWidget, so the user can stop it easily when not wanted anymore.

Furthermore, Mobario will continue to develop its widget to remain compliant at all times and enhance the UI of the user.

Thank you again,