Millenial Media


I have been testing different banner providers for a while now. I’m currently using Admob and Madvertise. I have been using Admob for long because they pay in time. Madvertise is currently having fillrate issues (atleast in my apps). I also tried Mobclix. From Mobclix i got high CTR, but the cost per click was awful.

I see people mentioning millenial media, but nobody tells anything about how good they perform? Tell me your experiences with different banner-providers?

I’ve been using Millennial Media for a couple of months now. I’m using their interstitial ads though, so can’t really vouch for the banner performance. For what it’s worth, here’s my stats so far this year:

Requests: 2,641,259
Views: 381,282
Clicks: 10,115
CTR: 2.65%
Fill Rate: 14.44%
eCPM: $1.47

So pretty good eCPM, but a low fill rate. Your performance might vary, depending on target audience. If you go for interstitials like this, I’d recommend using MM in conjunction with another ad network to fill the remaining inventory.

Ahh, greystripe has fullscreen too, just for your info…

In my case (simple banner shown at the bottom of the game) the eCPM value is more then unsatisfactory, but the filling rate is pretty decent:

eCPM ~0.5%
Fill Rate 75%

(never mind, seems to have been a problem with the browser)

My Millennial media Stats for June so far, banner ads only.
Requests = 57,131,684
Views = 55,501,611
Clicks = 541,913
CTR = 0.98%
Fill Rate = 97.15%
eCPM = $0.25

My eCPM is pretty low but so is my CTR, and fill rate is very high though, so not sure what to do with them.

That’s a pretty good eCPM as well as a good CTR, I tried to use mm-interstitial but they were quite laggy and required 4-5 seconds just to load. How did you get around that?

It seems their fill rate went up recently.

After all, do you suggest me MM for interstitials with CPM model?

Is millenial media net30, right? So they use to pay in the beginning of the month? I believe I should receive payment since last month but I didn’t. I sent them a message last week but they didn’t answered yet.

Millenial Media is net60. Yeah, I know, it’s insane. They pay at the end of the second month.

Hmm… this delay makes sense now… :slight_smile: thanks

Is MMedia any good?

I’ve tried them twice and have had very bad results both times.

Hard to tell. On some apps they seem to work similarly to admob, on some I have almost 0 eCPM (I had to move ads from them on that apps).

They themselves say that they are good for US traffic. Any other traffic will go waste. I had got this as reply from their support.

They told me they had good paying ads for Russia recently. Anyway, I use them for diversification so not all my money comes from one place.

net60? I didnt know many networks still were on that horrible payout schedule. Anything more than net 30 is ridiculous. I sometimes think net30 is too long! Wow Were they always net60? I used them a long time ago and don’t remember those horrible payout schedules.

Yes. payment schedule is the main reason i dont want to intergrade my apps with MM

I noticed my june revenue was processed on 8/28 (net60), according to payment reports. But I dont see the money in my paypal account. Is there an aditional delay related to paypal?

Had this too, sent them an email and they sent the money on the same day or day after. Seems they’re having some delays…

Seems they have huge delays again or is it only me? No payment yet and no information about future payments…