Is there anyone using Facebook Audience Network?

It seem a good solution. Good targeting, Large amount advertisers, Native ads less disrupt users.

Is there anyone using Facebook Audience Network, and share some revenue performance?

Thank you~

Doing about 100k banners/day on FAN. eCPM is $0.26

What is your eCPM with admob, can you compare please?

Please keep in mind that Facebook only returns ads for users using the Facebook app on the device (and are logged in). Other users won’t get ads.
Besides that, the SDK is not very stable. You will get some NullPointerExceptions and similar stuff.
Therefore it’s not really an alternative to AdMob.

Some eCPM numbers:

Mopub market: $0.49
Amazon: $0.46
Rubicon: $0.25
Flurry: $0.16
Admob: $0.17
Millenial Media: $0.10
StartApp: $0.01

CTR is generally about 0.3% for banners nowadays.

I have had MANY companies promise higher eCPM’s. They have all lied or turned out to want “5 days for their system to stabilize”, then reported zero impressions instead of the millions I sent them.

Going to have to start looking for a day job, because this is just BS…

I’m seeing similar numbers to what mind posted for those networks, even a bit lower. Mostly for banners, but interstitials are not that much better nowadays.

The process of setting up payment details for facebook audience network is just too many steps.
Why can’t they follow some ad network payment mode of using PayPal ?
Unless they are unwilling to pay commission to PayPal for using such payment mode to developers ?

Move to appodeal. I dont even use banners anymore i moved on to fullscreen ads and videos much higher ecpm rates.

But if the ad network you choose is CPM ? Would showing fullscreen and video help?
So what ad network model is used is important to determine what kind of ad types you want to show.

Mind sharing appodeal results please if possible.

Right, interstitials are not much better, reason? Well its because bids for interstitials are no higher than banners, you can get penny clicks for interstitials just like banners.

The problem with bidding auctions model just like other model is they may lead to collusion among the bidders.
Image bidding for a piece of land (property industry), if all bidders collude under the table and bid low, the final bid price is low.
I am not saying bidding for mobile ads is reaching that level but we cannot rule out such possibilities isn’t it?
After all, if a world respected soccer body like FIFA can have scandal in terms of millions of dollars, anything is possible.

Unfortunately, you cannot do full-screen ads with a synchronous competitive multi-player game, as some players will see different ads or no ads and be disadvantaged vs the other players.

@mind - but you have those long pauses between games, you could show a full screen ad there. Although I would do A/B test first to check how users will react. For my game switching on full screen ads caused a decline in downloads and raise in uninstalls (probably the second was causing the first). It regained the users later though by being featured on a local list - but without that, I would probably lose users faster than I was before. And the interestitials haven’t caused my revenue to raise - they only stopped the decline in revenue I was experiencing.

Do you have sample stat with appodeal?

i would still take $250/day over day job :slight_smile:

So would I if you could live on that and use it for biz expenses here… but a 1000sqft apartment (which is small for 4 people) is $3000/month here

where the hell are you living? ) That is very expensive.

Boston. Similar prices to San Fransisco or New York. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc all have campuses here next to MIT.

You should definitely mind relocating for the sake of some money saving. with that savings you can visit Boston and SF once in month + good savings as well.