Is there anyone using Facebook Audience Network?

Unfortunately, I have a wife and kids… or I would relocate to somewhere like Hawaii and surf all day and code all night :slight_smile:

damn I hear ya. Thats the reason I never relocated to San Fran, decided to stay put where I am.

I also just came back from Hawaii, its pretty slow and mellow, for vacation its nice, to live there… i think I would go crazy :slight_smile:

anyhow, i am going to give FAN a try in the following month, maybe i’ll report back to this thread, maybe not. we’ll see how busy i am :smiley:

Slow places charms me most when i go for vacation.
But soon i realize that vacation is over and damm slow place is out of mobile network and internet sometimes.

staying away from coding and daily download tentions and chewing nails is something i can not manage more than a week.

hawaii might give me vacation and take my coding back as return. :(:frowning:

Hey, you could go to live on my country, Vietnam. with 3k/month you can live in a big castle :D.