Introducing Tapit

Hey Guys,

I wanted to drop a quick note and introduce our network, TapIt to you guys.

TapIt is a global mobile advertising platform. We serve over 5 Billion impressions across 50 countries monthly.

Our Advertisers include Brand Advertisers, Agencies and we also have a Self Serve Platform.

Our inventory consists of Android Apps, iOS Apps, Mobile Web and Non-Mobile Web traffic.

We provide various ad units like Banner Ads, Interstitials and AdPrompt TM. More ad units including Video Ads & App Walls are currently under development and should be ready soon.

We are integrated with numerous Mediation Layers like Inmobi, Adwhirl, MoPub, Burstly, Admarvel etc.

On top of that, we also function as a Mediation Layer ourself with absolutely NO COST to Developers. You can find more information in setting up here -

We also provide plugins for various frameworks including Basic4Android, Corona, Unity etc. Here’s a link to more elaborate information here -

Hope all this information is useful and if you have any more questions or wish to sign up, you can contact me directly via PM or email - [email protected].

I do not want to lie to you and promise you a very high eCPM. The truth is that different developers will get different eCPMs based on their traffic source and the ad unit that they’re using.

For Banner Ads, you can expect anywhere from $0.30 - $2.00
For Interstitials, it ranges from $2.50 - $5.00
For AdPrompts TM, it ranges from $4 - $8
More details can be found here -

Our Fill Rate for all top countries remains 90% and over.
I would be more than happy to create the account for you and walk you through setting everything up.

We have worked very very hard in building our platform and we have designed it to best suit developers in every way possible. I hope I have not overburdened you with information but we are very excited to finally make ourselves available to all platforms with all bugs removed and everything running smoothly.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Looking at your payment schedules:
All payments are made on net 60 terms following the month where publisher’s Earnings exceed $100.
Publisher earnings $100 during the month of January. On April 1st their payments will be sent out.

Really? Are you guys serious? Money earned on Jan 1st is paid in April ???

Hahah… you must be new here. Wait till you figure out ‘net90’ means:

Money earned in Jan.
Books closed on 1st Feb
Some tweaking and chargebacks happen (I hope you kept backups of original numbers… because that is sometimes the ONLY way to know this happened!)
Earnings finalized 1st May (after 90 days!)
15th May: Check issued
20th May: Check arrives in mail
25th May: Check clears

By comparison, the net15 guys are amazing!

el cheapo :smiley:

Hello Folks,

As a company posting on a forum, there is only so much we can post about, so the post is not exhaustive nor set in stone.

As far as payment goes, net 60 is the industry standard.
Advertisers pay us net 60 and we pass it along as best we can.

This means, that there is a delay at the beginning, but from that point on, payment is sent in each month after that as long as you continue with our services.

HOWEVER, we do make adjustments based on the volume publishers send our way.
We try to be as accommodating as we can for our publishers and if net 60 doesn’t work with the amount of traffic they are receiving, we do what we can to resolve the issue.

And to clarify, chrisdaniel0421:
The sum of money earned January 1st through the 31st will be sent out in April.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

Thank You
At Tapit, we also allow our publishers the option to filter out unwanted ad categories, allowing the publisher to select the subject of ads his users see or don’t see while using the app or site.

This is especially useful when advertising on a “family friendly” or any other “selective” kind of app or website.

The attachment shows the interface of the actual categories.

Please note: these are the categories that one can EXCLUDE or BLOCK from the app or site and not the list of approved ad types.

Thank You for your time!

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 9.48.40 AM.png

Net 60 payment terms is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS and definitely not ‘industry standard’. No developer in their right mind should accept that massive delay before they get paid !

Airpush pays me EVERY WEEK for the previous week with no fees.
Appbrain pays me around Net 7 with no fees (7 days after the end of the month).

Those are much better options than Net 60.

I agree with gordonb,

net 60 is absolutely horrible, essentially 60 days after invoice! as a developer I want money deposited into my account asap. 60 days is by far too long. I am extremely happy with airpush’s weekly payments.

to ME payment terms are extremely important. For now Airpush is getting me pretty stellar CPM and I am truly a fan of the weekly payments.

Yeah, not a fan of net60, that is just way too long for payment. I need my money as soon as the my network will wire it to my account. Net60 delay is just way too long. Making app is my passion and career. I cant wait for my money to trickle in after 2 months.

I can deal with Appbrain’s payment options which is about a week after end of month but even with high CPM slow payment is a serious issue for me…

Hi! Any ETA on the Adobe AIR support?

Hello guys,

Thank you for your feedback. It’s always good to find out what developers actually want from an ad network, especially when it comes to something so crucial as payment.

Unfortunately, it is simply unfeasible for us to pay every publisher Net 7 based on the way our advertisers pay us and the amount of publishers we do business with.

However, for publishers who we work closely with and who bring in large volumes of traffic, we are willing to negotiate payment terms.

For example, if your app or site is bringing in revenue of $5,000+ a week and your traffic is converting, we of course would be ore than willing to negotiate a Net 7 Payment Term.

We are a ‘display’ ad network and we work with large brands and agencies that are interested in displaying banner ads, interstitials, etc.

Most similar networks are on a Net 90 Payment Term, so we like to maintain a slight edge over that competition.

That being said, we offer mediation so that you are able to implement other networks to serve the requests we can’t meet or vice versa.

I hope this helps clarify a few things.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Understood…not all networks can pay weekly or even a Net30 BUT just to be clear I dont know many ad networks who pay on the net90. That just sounds horrible…I personally would never use an ad network that pays on Net 60 terms or above…

just FYI-- Industry standard payouts and terms — Net 30 days

That’s how this business works. Payout terms affect only our cash-flow and if managed carefully can be neglected in the long run.

There are basically three types of ad networks:

  1. Networks focusing only on selling space for app ads where advertisers pay up-front. Since paid up-front they can provide net-15, net-30 or even weekly payments. Airpush, AppBrain, etc.

  2. Networks selling also space for brand ads which they sell to agencies that sell to clients. Agencies pay net-30 so those networks pay publishers net-45 or net-60. adMob, Millennial, TapIt, etc.

  3. Multi-network platforms that sell space to other networks. Again - paid net-60 so pay publishers net-90. Inneractive for example.

Each of the categories has different characteristics and will work differently for various apps. Generally the bigger the app traffic the more sense it makes to go for the bigger networks with longer delays but paying more.

Thanks for the explanation Max, I hear what your saying…just a little painful to my wallet when working with net60 and above :frowning:

Ad companies have very very high margins. If they are not providing enough returns and false advertising, there is a need to call them out.

I decided to try Tapit interstitials since i am still lacking a good interstitial network. I added my apps and decided to try to run their sdk for the first time. I received an ad and this is what it looked like :

(It says “You have won an ipad” In Finnish language.)

Their website and dashboard gave me a good impression, but that ad is just horrible. When i removed the category “free ipad/device/etc” i stopped recieving ads. Even if they gave me a good ecpm in my opinion there is a risk of getting banned if you show ads like that in your apps.

LOL, please take a look at entry number 1 here: Urban Dictionary: el cheapo

First of all, I’m very pleased to see that you tested our network. Also, I’m glad you liked our interface.

Regarding your reservations or problems with the ad;

  1. You won’t get banned for this ad because
    a. It clearly shows the Exit button on the top right. So its not obstructive.
    b. Google Policy only has a problem if the ad cannot be closed or must be entertained by completing an action or such before continuing with the app.

So, you do not need to fear being banned.

  1. Research shows that these ads are actually more effective.
    These offers are pushed forward because they run well and deliver good eCPMs.

The only reason we allow our advertisers to use this type of ad is because research shows that these ads are very effective. They give our publishers high eCPMs and have a great CTR for our advertisers.

We are constantly looking for more inventory across the globe and you can rest assured we will never work with any advertiser who won’t be delivering adequately for your inventory.

If you would prefer to see an increase of variety in interstitial types, I would suggest allowing advertisements targeted toward larger regions (done in your “Site’s Settings” in your Tapit dashboard).

Again I am sorry for the confusion and I hope this helps to clarify some things.

PM or email me for further information if you’d like.

Best Regards


I dont see how these type of “Win free Ipad” ads are effective. Who in their right mind is dumb enough to click on it? As a developer I would stray far away from ads like this.

There is a naive peoples, actually a lot of them. They are not stupid just naive, they trust developer and when they found self cheated they will not accuse non-ethic ad company they will accuse a developer.

“You have won an ipad” ad?

Of course that you have huge CTR with these type of ads because you cheating a naive customer that he really got something. Do you have any ethics in this company?

This ad may be efficient because it doesn’t look like advertisement and I guess that 99% users thinks that it’s message from developer :slight_smile: