Inmobi payment problem.

I have a payment for April 29 but I still have not received the money.

  • I called support but there is no exact answer to my problem. How can you not like your situation?

Last time I have a payment on March 31st and then the payment is sent to my paypal on April 15th. So I think your money will come in next few days

Hey hoangwin

I work for InMobi. Our payment cycle is 60 days once you have crossed the minimum threshold. So you should get your payment soon :slight_smile:
Ping me in case you don’t get.

You are not paying on time.
May I know when payment of this month (due after 60 days) + 13 days would come to our account?

Hey Guys,

AerServ pays on net 30 terms but we plan to move to net 15 payment schedule very shortly. We offer innovative and high performing ad units. We’ve have a lightweight SDK for both iOS and Android and can also provide you with JS/VAST tags If SDK integration is not preferable.
Please feel free to PM me if you guys have any questions - Would love the opportunity to work with any high quality publishers.


waiting… It’s very long time. net 60 + 15 day

I did tried to talk to them but till date there is no official date given to me its net60+15 days now too much of delay,
I have also noticed that recent since April revenue dropped to 10% of what use to be before.


I’ve replied to hoangwin over PM but i’ll put it up here in case anyone else is facing the same problem.

The payments will happen by the end of this week. We’ve been upgrading our systems and hence the lag in payments.

I have a payment on May 6th and I didn’t receive it too. I mailed to helpdesk@inmobi 3 days ago but they never answer, only auto response mail. I’m feeling down with Inmobi.

I don´t belive anything from Inmobi, last month msg " Due to some reason publisher payout cycle is delayed. Payment for your account will be processed by the end of the current week."

One week later:

" There has been a delay in payments for March 31 and our Finance is looking into this issue. We shall update you in a day and request you to kindly be patient. You will definitely receive the payments soon."

Total (19 days)

This month I have a payment from April 6, but nothing received in my paypal account. Be careful with your apps and inmobi, if they can´t pay at time, they have serious problems.
If they can´t pay at time, inmobi MUST write every developer and explain why are delaying payments.

You work for InMobi and you don´t know that inmobi is delaying more than 18 days the payments? Are you kidding me?. The 60 days payment cycle is a LIE. 60+18 = 78 days.
Are Inmobi paying interest for the generated interest obtained with developers money?

I am not ready to take/digest what SohanM said,
They has started paying late since November Earning.
I am not ready to believe any system upgrade takes such long.

its already 61+21 days no money in my account.

Any one can suggest good ad network for India?
I am not going to go for startapp , I already use admob.

Please help me with this so that I can stop using inmobi

If you are looking to monetize your India mobile inventory, you can give us a try.

We have excellent ad inventory for India and can deliver close to 100% fill rates and high eCPMs consistently.

Hi SohanM,
The week is gone,
any new date?

Sat 5:05 PM and No payment. I thing it is net 90 or it’s cheats. All developer lose their money. They will leave. Inmobi will close. (^_^).

Still no payment.

Hello hoangwin and the others.

Yes I understand this doesn’t look good, but I can assure you that our payments are delayed because we are upgrading our systems. This has taken longer than expected. I’m sure coders like you’ll will understand this :slight_smile:
I spoke to the teams here to try and sort it out. If you guys can PM me your account IDs I can get the payments expedited for you’ll. Do note that I can’t really do anything about blocked accounts. But if your payments are delayed I can help you out with that.

Thanks and on behalf of the company, apologies again.

SohanM, for me it really doesn’t look like an issue with a system upgrade.
During the last three payments, the delay increased with every payment.
If my payment will not arrive within the next days or InMobi will not send me reasonable explanation (I already opened a support ticket), I will switch off InMobi until everything is back to normal.

Besides that, the new dashboard is horrible. It’s much slower than the old one and sometimes doesn’t work well on Firefox.

In the past, there were also payment issues with AdMob, but at least they show some explanation in the dashboard in such cases.

I’ve moved some of my best games on other ad networks. 90 days have passed but still have not received the money. it can not accept. StartApp just 30 days, new AdMob then right at the end of the month.