Inmobi payment problem.

I strongly suggest moving away from inMobi guys. Too much automation and lack of dedicated account managers.
You need to work with networks where you have 1 on 1 contact with people who are at the network’s helm.

Also, check out the thread in my signature if you haven’t already. Despite my best efforts, inMobi blocked my account before paying me without a good reason and for traffic which other networks can completely vouch for!

Hey hoangwin

I pulled a few strings so your payment should be done by now. Can you check and let me know please?

required 3 or 4 work days for the money to the bank. And coming months you should pay it to me on time.

pls pay @A1ka1inE, he is a good guy.

payment received in May.

I tried man. But his account was blocked so I’m really unable to do anything :frowning:

Was the block automatic or manual? If it was manual, pls connect that employee who pressed the block button on some web page to @A1ka1inE. That’s how developers and networks build trust.

To the surprise payment of this month received on time ,
Thank you inmobi

We have several paid apps published on Inmobi, we usually receive a sales report each month, but since 28 March we haven received any report, just when we were near the 200 GBP (minimum amount to get a payment).
The financial email “[email protected]” does not work anymore.

Please, solve this and send to us the royalty statement and the pending payments.

Welcome to the club. I hope you get your revenue paid to you!


Today they have answered and sent to me the Sales Report

For my account InMobi’s transaction history states, that money was transferred by 29th of May.
But there is no money in my bank account yet!

I think they are in trouble.

Epic fuking thread A1ka1ne . Information like that is gold and should be spread more often so other won’t get scammed around here. That said Notifymob pays on time no Net nonsense. Once you reach $25 you get paid that same Friday .

Luckily I use Admob and forward part of our ad request from admob to InMobi.
This allowed for a quick shut down of all request going to InMobi.

By now they owe me around 1000USD.

If there’s any InMobi-offical reading this: Don’t handle things the way MobClix did. Approach your devs with honesty. They’ll reward it.

They still owe me over 2000 USD. I hope they burn.

Anybody else still waiting for the April 2014 payment? It is 3 weeks late now… :confused:

Yes, once again.
Let’s see what kind of excuse they tell us this time. Maybe still upgrading of systems?

I would say it’s time to disable them.
From my side they completely lost their reputation.

seems they are not doing great.
I have also not paid, after many followup , they said I should receive in a weeks time.

Hi gen, Can you share (or PM me) details of your contact at InMobi? My account manager is not even responding to my e-mails anymore.

Well im pretty surprised to hear such delays by inmobi , i dont get it ? such mass no.s of advertisers and impressions den why the delay . anyways i was planning on integrating one of my app with inmobi , will think abt it now.


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