Income Report of first 3 Months

Hello Guys. I have been reading this forum since 1 years back. I was about to start android development so used to check this forum especially Income Reports. Now there are not many updates in this section. So here I was reading these a year ago. Now am posting my own income Report. It’s not a lot but am happy and optimistic. :smiley: :wink:

I made this app in 6 months of learning and implementing. Finally made it and published it on 7th march. I added admob in my app. Got 30 downloads from friends and family. Then I just waited and watched first month was disaster. I made 0.06$ LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshot (30).jpg

Then in Month of April I made 0.97$ not really impressive.

Screenshot (31).jpg

But in the start of may i got a boost of 20 downloads.I got 5 downloads per day after that. Then i posted on reddit for a review. And started Spamming the internet facebook pages.
I got some revenue. Probably the one from reddit.

Screenshot (32).jpg

Now I am spamming youtube, qoura and where ever it’s possible. I have also started smoothreview exchange. My two app makes 120 impressions everyday. Guys suggestions to improve these stats?

App Link :

Can use app2top for cheap installs and review. I have used it for one of my apps.
Just for testing purpose.

How was your stats after using App2top? how many downloads are you getting per day.???

Well my stats are already good without using promotion. But my rating was down for one of my apps. So i tried it and it just did what i want. I do not need paid installs. So i did not tried it.

I am sure it works well for installs too.
Can try them. My refferal link is in my signatures.

I think you can doing better sreenshots :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review. I am thinking about it now.

The income look so promise bro. I will try more to get the better income before get here at show the report

Wow amazing results

I dont know you are mocking or actually praising. Well anyway thanks.

Here is another report of the previous month… Not so mych but still something I am still happy.

Screenshot (45).jpg

This month started pretty bad. 2 or 5 cents per day.
My app also crossed 500 downlads today currently having 130 active installs. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Good luck brother.

I remember the first time … first app was like I gave birth to a child and wanted him to succeed in life. You check it 24/7 to see if something changed and everyday you really hope it will explode. I must say it’s the same feeling even after some years and for every app you make …but now the expectations for the child’s are waaaay more bigger :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more. :smiley: totally true. This child better show some success or he ll get his ass beaten. :stuck_out_tongue:

same! I kept my Admob and analytics opened all day long when i first released it

and i was thrilled for every install and every advery click, and was sad when there had not been a single install for hours :frowning:

Yea I know the feeling too

dont stop at one app make 100’s more, most people give up after making just 1 app, you need to make 100’s of app to get one that is successful.

yea never stop at one app, I have several and they all generate some income all together.

Thanks. Yes I know and I am also working on more apps :slight_smile:

Yes I will.

Just try and keep up with the trend, do research and see what APPS are buzzing, not only that - brainstorm and come up with your own ideas.