Income Report of first 3 Months

You’ve just gotta keep at it in this game, build up a portfolio of games and you will find that they start getting better and better!

One of my games has just exploded as of last week and I’ve gone from making around $1-$5 a day to making $100 a day

Congrats man! What ad networks do you use?

At the moment only $15 a day comes from ad networks, 95% of that is Applovin (Rewarded Videos) then the rest of my income comes from IAP’s

Can you tell me what kind of app or game? How many users?

It’s a idle clicker game called Business Tycoon, feel free to check it out. It currently has 27,000 active downloads and has had 73,000 downloads altogether

well done, I always wanted to develop something with the same concept :slight_smile:

I have very similar numbers, but no IAP. Good luck with your apps.

Idea is good.

He is praising you, as the result of yours is quite promising, keep working hard, my friend

Ideas for B2B marketing are now available in Omnichannelgal blog

This app was sold for 500$ on Flippa. I don’t know it was a good decision or not. But I am happy :slight_smile:

It seems good.I would like to try.

You are doing great man, keep it up.