If you would like to use another forum?

This forum is full of spam (yeah, my too with my business), but everyday I see here some:
-sports ads
-real estate, poker, finnancial ads
-idiots who are creating new accounts to make flame
-no david to moderate this stuff
-ad networks who have 10x topics
-unfounded accusations to users/good reputation ad networks
-forum downs; couple/day
-affiliate links everywhere

This is poll, I will create forum if I get many Yes votes, with:
-moderated sections
-more admins(to not repeat david situation)
-no warez
-no affiliate links (sorry)
-stable server
-ad networks threads (each network, one thread)
-idiots with unfounded accusations without any proof will be banned

forum can be created by someone else, for example @taimur97 wants it :wink: I don’t have any problems with this :wink: We need some alternative people!

i am in…

Im in too :slight_smile:

Count me in :slight_smile:

sure but only if the forum is created by someone more trustworthy.

judging by ramzixp’s past actions, a forum created by him will likely involve pushing people to buy things from him. it will be heavily moderated in his favor. anyone who opposes him in any way will likely be banned.

im all for a new forum because David seems completely absent, but it should not be administered by ramzixp. he’s too shady. history of spamming deceptive apps, history of creating fake accounts to create fake reviews of his own products.

an example of ramzixp’s other account hyping up his own products:
View Profile: RadioTurk - Making Money With Android Forums

read the posts made by RadioTurk. it’s the same broken english, same use of phrases such as “strongly limited”. it is a fake account created by ramzixp to hype up his own products. this is not a trustworthy person.

Who wants me to create a forum? [emoji2]
I already have powerful servers and everything else to create an amazing forum [emoji6]

I don’t care who will create this but there should be some alternative, it have to be a guy who will lure people from here…

there shouldn’t be spam, selling own products only in buy section, no warez, no affiliate links everywhere and if somebody wants to blaim somebody or hate him, moderator should check the proofs firstly and decide

for me, @taimur97 can create it :wink:

  • 1 for new forum

A hundred percent in for a new forum.
If David does not have time for this forum, i do not see why we should be making him money with our interactions.

Yes! In this forum there is too much spam! And yes ramzi, people should put their sell offers in correct subforum,not like u do;)

…and you man! :stuck_out_tongue: I remember your ebooks everywhere like my and last CPI selling everywhere :smiley: oO

I don’t want to make forum but somebody if create it, ill move and help :wink: @taimur97 we are waiting :stuck_out_tongue:
This forum is shitty because everyone want dollar from everyone, sports spam, poker spam, services spam, ad networks who are creating 10x topics. I don’t know anything about adsota or adtopapp because they have many topics everywhere.

And you think a new board will be different after a while?

There is another board like “makingmoney” Android Profit - best ways to increase income - Android developers forum

And it´s nearly dead

i am in too

**** david, he needs money like everyone :smiley:
but companion mobile app @taimur97?
go for vBulletin

@Ramzix …guys why are you blaming him a lot…he never did wrong to you…if you don’t like him don’t comment… I follow him a lot in here my first day in here. @mmmkkksss I new you also a lot than any other…we need to maintain a forum which involves lesser spam … .only people I know here are #ramzixp #mmmkkksss #magunes or something #javaexe he is from my country…

yes i think you should create the forum. you seem trustworthy judging by your past posts and join date.

hey ramzixp…

Why should we go for a newer forum? there are a lot more, and in fact better operated forums. So, I dont think there is a need to go for another one. this forum, looks quite neglected but still, there is a lot of valuable experience and information available on board. However, this vs that kind of spam posts makes me ill:P whenever I look at them.

I believe we can raise our concerns with the administrator of this forum. He is quite reachable and any one can send his or hers suggestion through the dedicated communication form. Once, I faced a little problem and I mailed him. He took corrective actions within a few hours

Quite reachable??!! Maybe only if you contact him for advertising your business in the forum.

:D, no dear you can try yourself… I sent him a message through contact us form and got his reply within a few hours. I dont know why, but we have a lot of guys here with a prejudiced kind of approach. There are many who like nothing but to hit ramzixp and others like David. Just come on guys, If you really dont like to stay here than you can leave and join any other place at any time.

By the way, every one likes to earn … this is not a charity website but a forum and it requires money to operate such forums / blogs or websites. Don`t take it personally dear… I respect your thoughts and you are free to think whatever you want. However, I do have same liberty :smiley:

Go to Android Development section and check how david manage this forum. I mailed him, send message here and on skype, no response. People are creating nicks like “fckramzixp”, making some stupid threads without any proof to just hate me and ruin my business. I don’t care new registrations on my page asosecret, I got some users and Ill share my knowledge privatly with them and that’s all. I keep my thread bump for one week more like I described but after this, it’s over.
This forum is full of spam, shit and warez, now personal attacks, there are only couple good dev stories, some ad networks representatives(who spams too), mess and no real knowledge or experience.
90% users of this forum are idiots, who are making $5/month from admob banner, they want everything for free, copied, pirated, coded and ready to publish in play store. Some good users like @toxic @ankit662003 @DroidGenie (in the past) @javaexp pixelpower or me(2013), shared couple good things for free and it’s lost in this spam.
What is good with posts like:
-xxx network is scam(without any proof)
-zzz network delays payment for xxx month
-i banned from play store(crryyyyyy)
-i want to buy google play accounts
-i sell 300 ripped codes for $5 (thats why Ill not publish anything on chupamobile ever)
-personal attacks

I just created this poll to see what people thinks about this forum and maybe someone will create alternative. Hovewer, when I am reading it for last 1 hour, I see there is 10% content, mostly outdated from the past and 90% shit. I wonder if new forum will not repeat this or die after week. So maybe you have right to not create new. People are fckin beggars:
-give me it cheaper
-pirate it
-copy it
I think, there is too many poor developers from 3rd world countries, to share any knowledge or pay for some solutions. Thanks to @akour we have chat, where we can exchange our experience but sadly, it’s paid. I hope he will make own server solution. Everyone on this chat, there are 60 people, complain because mess here.

…and thats why I was not sharing stuff for free for last year, it’s nonsense

maybe we should to stay in our secret circles of friends, we have own brains to analyze google play, read policy updates or judge what ad network is good for us and not to share anything with anybody outside