If you would like to use another forum?

Building a new forum from 0 seems to me a very hard challenge

No one beside us (60 - 70 people?!) will join because there will be not enough posts. People join formus because they like to read new things so I propose these 2 ideas:
1 - When building the new forum, is it possible to copy from here all the threads that talk about interesting new things / old but gold threads and neglecting all the shitty things? It will need a group of 5-6 android veterans to do that job and I think it can be done in not more than one day. They can also collect and copy all the threads that talk about ad companies and group them by the company name… If this is possible than the new forum will born already big and the new members will like to join it so the group will grow fast.

If the first idea is bad:
2 - Is it possible to make a petition to david and convice him that this forum needs a co-admin? I think there are good people that can do this job for free. How hard can it be to convince david that this anarchy can’t go on forever…

Yes I feel the same,even though we didnt have a good business deal that doesn’t mean we should attack personally to each other. I don’t know why people start hating on some one. I haven’t tried your book nor do I intend to buy it but that doesn’t mean I should start shouting that your book is bad etc.

hi @ramzixp…thanks for you repose. You have presented us all with a very detailed analysis. I think its better to call your post as an Anatomy Report of this forum. there is not any doubt in the mismanagement and relative issues. I think the administrator has taken your analysis in account and as a result, we observed a shutdown last night for maintenance. However, we have no other choice but to give your views a high regard as you are one of the most senior members still active on this forum

I personally dislike those who like nothing but abusive attitude. Its so simple, If you dont want to buy something then no one can force you and you should move ahead. May be you promised them for a much higher reward from what they achieved. And after looking their dreams going in vein these guys became angry and started to follow you here and there.

I think Optimism is a great thing, but all of us should keep ourselves away from getting over confident. By the way I really feel sorry for what is happening with you as, you are a senior member with having a proven track record. I believe things are going to get better a lot after this recent shutdown.

Maintenance is everynight, it’s some server backup probably, bad solution because many users are from USA and they can see offline copy only for 1-2hours :wink:

**** you dude. Your Business to scam people sell your crappy book for $50.
You hang around forum all day so that you can keep bumping your scammy book thread every 30 minutes. If David really cared about forum, people like you would have been banned long time back.

A moron who got banned from PlayStore is scamming people and selling how to be successful on PlayStore on this forum. Do we need more proof that people like you need to be kicked out?

80% people from this forum were banned in Google Play atleast one time. Also me and I am still in Google Play… being banned in Google Play is some crime? Where is scam in my stuff? I don’t see any in ASO/SEO/Monetization guide + autotranslator tool. I have experience in Play store. fu.ckin idiot.

You are animal, some stupid monkey, spying me everywhere, everytime and telling this bullshit like stupid kid. Go, find girlfriend or I don’t know, suicide please, jump to water, shoot yourself…

Scamming people is not ok, obviously. But personal attacks are not ok either. Certainly not on this forum.

There have been a lot of instances of this lately (not just from @jim but also from others). If you have feedback on somebody’s business practices please present this in a civil way, in the appropriate thread - no foul language, no personal attacks, no name-calling. That kind of thing doesn’t help anyone.

Moderation has certainly fallen way behind lately. This is partly due to the increasing volume of posts and partly due to my tight schedule recently, but it doesn’t mean this kind of behaviour (with personal attacks) is acceptable. The forum maintenance recently was part of the upgrade process necessary to get extra moderators on board. I’ll be doing my best to make sure this kind of behaviour doesn’t fall under the radar in future.

The forum rules are here: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/announcements/211-forum-rules.html#post1177
If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.

jim is a mental person who thinks banned from play store is end of business.
only comes out of his den to write flame.
jim, sometimes share some useful post which raises standard of this forum.

My business is ok, many possitive feedback and just one guy, who is creating accounts and threads like “fck ramzixp” or “ramzixp is a cheater”, he didn’t bought anything from me, ever, just spying me and starting flame when see me. I don’t know why. Many old and good reputation users left possitive feedback

btw. david, it’s also big warez on your forum, people are selling ripped books, source codes, stolen vcc in BUY/SELL section, is it normal?
I reported you this threads or account nick “fckramzixp” via report, PM, skype but never replied… :frowning:

The best for you, is to create new forum section: trash and move full content of forum to start again ;/


Getting rid of you from this forum will definitely raise the standard of this forum :slight_smile:

So your illegal activities are ok but not others? :slight_smile:

These crap sellers should be banned from forum. They are cheating people.

in your dreams!! :slight_smile:

Count on me for a new forum.

Me too! .

I need to bump it, come one @taimur97, where is your forum? We are waiting because david is ignorant. Do nothing with stupid offensive freaks, I sended reports via skype, PM, email. Nothing…

David is actually about now and is getting on top of the current issues with the forum.

but he cannot simple reply to reports and stop these flame idiots :wink: please… :smiley:

I checked the Unread posts and see 95% spam.
If he is really getting on top of the current issues it is funny.

BTW haven’t you all realized that now the real content of the forum is less than the spam?

Hey, I’m a long-time lurker but haven’t posted much. I like reading all of the new posts every day on this forum, but I have noticed the forum has gone downhill recently. I am down for a new forum, unless David can get those moderators he was talking about and get rid of all the sports livestreaming spam.

the main problem is spam on this forum…