How to market my new game ? I have a limited budget.


I have made a new game & looking for advertise it.
My game is not unique, but i am sure that it will be a hit.Because, some game similar to mine are very successful & those games are not updated from last 6 months.
So, i think that my game will be a hit.

But don’t know, which will be the best & cheapest way to market my game.
I have a budget of $ 1000.

But i don’t want to use them in single day.

Can anyone guide me ?


Your play store link? It’s difficult to market a product; it’s even more difficult to market an unknown product.

I have not published my game yet.
I am planning to launch in a week.

  • do a CPI campaign with a budget of 66% of your total (I suggest AppBrain and a CPI somewhere around 0.25 EUR)
  • target your campaign for one or two markets - but not US or other country of similar size (release globally in Google Play, but do “targeted” campaign).
  • give app a week and see the progress in those two markets - based on what you see decide how to allocate the remaining 50%.
  • make sure few good souls (family & friends) make a 5* rating for you to have a good rating for day #1.

from my personal experience I would suggest to upload to Amazon and Samsung as well.

Which is a good idea ? Banners or Interstitial ?
Does it worth to advertise my game with AdMob in Asian & African countries. ?
Because in this way, i can get more downloads with same amount of money. Admob is very cheap in these countries.

Does it worth to run house ads ?
Is there any network except AdMob that provide house ads ?


I ran house ads on my main app for two days none stop so all the ads that were shown for those two days were my own and I lost a lot of money. I didn’t get enough clicks to make it anywhere near worth it. So basically I didn’t earn what I could have earned by serving other people’s ads.

low cost locations are a double edged sword:

  • its easy to buy a click or install from a user in such location
  • his/her clicks will be worth less than users from “expensive” locations

you could give it a try and spend all your budget in a single low cost location (then possibly Admob with 0.01 CPC will be better option that AppBrain minimum of 0.20 CPI) … all up to you … there is no single best solution.

for house ads, its better to add a “see more my apps” button and not canibalize the paid traffic with house ads. at least this is what I think.

you may consider sharing some updates on what your app launch for educational purposes.

Careful with that assumption. My latest game is a considerably improved version of a game which got +1MM downloads and only managed to get 135k (so far)

Totally agree with that! Having a game that is way, way better than the most popular similar type of game does not mean it will perform better than the original!

@behavin think 10 times prior to expend $0.01 from your money advertising your application.

If your application revenue is only based on in-app ads you will waste your money for nothing.

Only advertising companies win money in this situation: YOUR money.

Believe me. I’ve been there.

With the new admob after running your campaign for a few days you can set it to an CPA campaign. I did this with a small budget and after about 4-5 days of a CPC campaign spending about $10 per day, it let me change it to a CPA campaign. I did not get to test different CPA values much because I ran out of budget. But was able to get installs for about $0.20 per install at the end. You may do better or worse, if you have enough budget to test it some. Also set your ad to a text type ad, so that it will implement the double click feature. I’m not sure if banner type ads implement this or not. You might also want to try an interstitial type ad, but I don’t know if the double click feature works with these either. When I release my next game, I’m going to have enough budget to see how low I can get CPA with text type ad, and might try CPA with interstitial too.

For my current game on AdMob, i receive 50K impressions a day & around 150 clicks with just $0.05 eCPM.
So, losing $2.5 a day for 150 installs will worth it.

I would have added “see more apps” button in my current game. But that game is unpublished from last 3 months.Still i am getting 50K impressions a day with 150 clocks & $0.05 eCPM due to high user base at that time.So, i am thinking to run house ads in that game.
I don’t know anything about advertising.(Specially house ads)
Is it possible now ?

Original game with same idea has more than 10 million downloads. But i don’t know, why developer has stopped updating that game since more than 6 moths. That’s why i decided to go with that idea.
If i will receive only half a million downloads, than i will be enough to recover my money i have invested.


My game is not only dependent on in-app purchases.
It contains advertisements also.
It contains some consumable in-app products, some non-consumable in-app products, banner ads, interstitial ads & of course making game ad-free for small charge.

This is the way, i am thinking to monetize my game. If you have any suggestion please tell me.

150 clicks does not mean 150 installs. For Admob banners the install ratio is less than 5%. So 5% * 150 = 7.5 installs.

I didn’t know anything about install ratio of AdMob banners.

So this is a completely different history because your game has potential to earn much more from users :smiley:

In this case I would target my advertising budget on Tier 2 countries.

What do you mean by tier 2 countries ?

Countries are segmented by tiers.

It costs more to advertise on Tier 1, but its clicks pays more to publishers.

Tier 3 contains the most cheaper countries to advertise but their clicks pay much less to publishers.

Tier 2 countries have is intermediate values for both advertisers and publishers.

It varies a bit between advertisement enterprises, but bellow is a common segmentation:

Tier 1 - United States and United Kingdom.

Tier 2 - Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Tier 3:
All other counties.

Note: Some ad networks don’t pay anything for clicks from China and in this case it’s considered Tier 4.