How to earn Money via android apps on goolge play?

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i am thinking to learn android app development but i don’t know how to earn money using apps on google.
Please discuss if you have any opinion or knowledge related to this thread.Thanks

Have any other solution?

like which type of sol?

don’t know and i am also wandering about for its solution

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You can earn money from In-App purchases and or publishing the app for sale (Users can pay a dollar amount in order to download the app) and or from Advertisements (Admob is a reputable ad network)

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Two ways to earn money by developing an app.

  1. Develop an Free app, and promote it to gain a lot of users, As long as you have users, then you will earn money by it.

2.Develop a Paid app, user need to pay you to get your app. that means you sell your app to users.

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its really good idea, thx

An android app developer has many ways to earn money from a free app on the Google Play Store. App monetization can be done in many ways. Users expect that their apps are free and are not willing to pay for the apps. So, what developers do is give them free version of app and ask for something to download the extra features. For example, in case of games. It happens a lot. Gamer gets addict to a particular game and want to unlock the next level but to do that, they have to pay and they do, happily so. This is evident from the famous game Candy Crush where user pay for an extra life.

Another way of earning money from mobile app is advertisements. Build user engaging mobile apps. If your app has considerable number of visitors, then add agencies will approach you or you can approach them yourself. Every time a user click on their ads, you get paid.

Another approach is based if you have a business model and you are providing some sort of service from your app. Like a payment portal like Paytm or PayPal. Or your app can be a medium to make purchases for your restaurant business or retail business. Avoid mistakes in mobile app development. I have seen developers earning up to 100$ a month via advertisements. You have to keep this in mind that ads have a season. Like during Christmas holidays or any other holiday, you will notice a sharp rise in ads. There are off seasons as well. If you are not a mobile app developer and have a great idea, then you can hire one.

Past experiences have revealed that free apps tend to earn more than paid apps since they attract several different users. However, some targeted apps that target a specific group of users are better off being paid apps.

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Earn. There are many ways to make money with your apps on Google Play, and we offer a variety of tools to make it easy. Take advantage of Google Play’s phenomenal growth by using one or more of the business models available. To get started, set up your Merchant Account from your Developer Console.

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VIDEO PLACEMENT. Quality video based on the CPM model is shown right inside the application. Usually, the server shows such ads only to those users who use wi-fi, which makes it possible to make sure that the user can view the video without stopping from start to finish.

More than 25% of downloaded games are paid. They offer for a certain cost of improving the comfort and quality of services, additional bonuses and functions. Here, the user initially pays the application when downloading. This method of monetization is very imposing and negatively perceived by users. That’s why it is suitable only for very high-quality games.

To summarize, it should be said that the process of monetization is influenced by many factors:

• the quality of the functional component of the application;
• visual support (design),
• the right choice of the target audience, analysis of market needs and much more.

As already mentioned in previous articles, the possibilities are endless. It should be understood that the monetization of the application is one of the main components of the business plan for the future project, and even the most successful project can not bring anything if you do not have enough time and effort to debug the mechanism for making a profit.

But remember before to monetize your app - you need to promote it thoroughly. The promotion in Store is implemented by means of incent traffic so you can order the installs, reviews and keyword optimization in reliable company KeenMobiand cover the target audience.

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I know that the question is about Google play. But in case, you’ll be looking for other high paying methods of app monetization, pay attention to Epom Apps, Appnext or Mopub. Referring to my experience these three platforms give the highest fill rates and payouts.
For example, with Epom Apps you can run all possible ad formats, including rewarded videos. CPMs vary from $ 5 and up to $ 20. The platform is super easy to use, you will get 1 all-in-one account and personal manager for handling out ad activities.
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Thank you, guys. Sorry if that is not something interesting for you. But I am sure that somebody from you wants to earn at least 30% more than you have now!

If your goal is to make a living out of mobile app development, the most important thing is being aware that incorporating monetization must be a core part of the process. Think about which ad formats work better from the start of the game design process.

Some monetization models are in-app purchases, in-app advertising, freemium, subscription, paid apps, donations. You can mix different models in the same app or game.

For in-app-ads, you can either implement an ad network or a mediation service with several ad networks included. The last option would increase your chance to get more revenue.

Some popular ad mediation platforms are Appodeal, Avocarrot, IronSource, AdColony. The best thing you can do is see what works better for yourself.

Also, finding the balance between right ad formats implementation and user experience is vital. Some ad formats are banners, interstitials and rewarded video.

Also, everything changes depending on the location of the audience your game is meant for. Different ad formats monetize better according to the region, and a segmented audience will help you increase the value of your eCPM.