How to earn Money via android apps on goolge play?

there are tons of ways to earn money from google play traffic, and we can help you here. but since our ads are not totally GP compliant and you might not wish to risk your apps, we have an option to show ads to non-GP installs only, which are detected automatically. so here what we can offer you:

-0 detections (if they appear, we fix it in few days)
-NET0 payouts
-Automatic ads integration/mass ads integration
-APK tuning (changing package name, app name, icon e.t.c)
-Flexible ads behavior (setting ads frequency, hide app icon, don’t show ads for GP installs e.t.c.)
-Sub IDs support and direct download links for mediabuyers
-Advanced reporting system with GEO/CPM/APPS breakdown as well as average system CPM rates
-Great support :slight_smile:
Up to 20 ads per day. Please feel free to sign up at or contact us at support[at]

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