how much can someone make from 4 live wallpapers

I am developing a LW that is almost finished, i am wondering how much could this LW make money from ads assuming that I’ll post 4 of them in the future & each will get more than 8000 downloads and knowing that this LW would run in the background, does that mean that time_running of the app would increase as well so it could boost our profit ? please mind my “greedy” question :smiley: and i welcome any answers… thanks !

On my live wallpaper so far I made $25 from 5000 installs mostly usa and brasil traffic.

@DroidGenie thanks for the reply…
25$ a month? that’s pretty low :slight_smile:

I have quite a few live wallpapers most make 0-2$ per pay. The most successful one has made 9000$ in 6 months (more than a million downloads)
the second most successful one has made 450$ in the same time. So it varies a lot

@Yannis thank you ! wow luck plays a major factor here… would like to share with us your most successful LW as I am curious to try it out !

App is 2 weeks old got 5000 installs so far.

25 a month for a lwp is good. Most get 5 bucks first month and then none afterwards. Only way to be successful with lwps on Google is to make 3 to 8 lwps a day every day or do what Wasabi does and blast copyright shit and hope you don’t get banned I’m surprised he not banned yet all his lwps breaks Samsung copyrights

My most successful lwp was in 2013 made $18,500 in 10 months time. Had over 3.5 million installs and was starting to climb even higher from 25,000 daily installs to 50,000 daily installs and then bam app suspended for no reason claiming ad policy violation because didn’t have eula for data collecting. This was a month after notification ban and airpushs first sdk never had the eula as they do now.

Wackiapps -

Now it only makes $2.00 a day. :frowning:

3 live wallpapers in a single apk as it had 3 lwp activities/services.

Hi Superzaki,

I would like to suggest using the Airpush Goole Play compliant Bundle 1 SDK for your live wallpaper. With this SDK, you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA (end user license agreement) opt in along with CPMs on the display ads. The problem with live wallpapers is that your user will install it, set it as the wallpaper, and then not open the app again, so you only have a small window to earn impressions from them when the app is open. With our SDK, you can at least monetize each of your users withe the pay per install amount.

For 3rd party android markets (like Opera, Amazon, Mobile9 etc), our Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide, at a $50 eCPM.

Shoot me a PM if you want to chat further.


How much is your daily revenue now a days …

Nick I want to ask you, what’s difference between Bundle1 and Standard(what I am now using)? I know that Bundle2 for 3d party stores is little spamming user but what about Bundle1 whats actualy compliant. What are you doing in it that’s let you pay 0.04$? Can you explain?

Edit: ok, I know now :wink: thx @DroidGenie

Has extra permissions for data collection and they sell that data to advertisers which is why they offer to pay money up front in addition to earning revenue from ads.

$15-25 a day but just started making apps again for google play 3 weeks ago. For 3rd party markets I have over 3000 apps from 2012 - 2015 that make about $100 a day with top 3rd party market app making about $20 a day.

@DroidGenie +18.000$ that’s crazy ! If I would get 400$ a month I will be grateful as I am not looking to make a living from a LW but +400$ a month sure would help paying the rent :slight_smile:
I tried your LW and I find it quit effectively simple… but one issue with it, it is a sleeping ad bomb… once you tap on it boom, ads everywhere !
maybe they cancelled you app because of the huge amount of ads in it ? Anyway do you have any guide for best ad ?
thanks a million !

@AirpushNick I bookmarked your offer and I’ll use it once I finish my app… thanks a million !

Hi Ramzixp,

The Bundle 1 and Standard SDK are both Google Play compliant.
For the Bundle 1, you need to use all of the ad types that are included in the SDK (360, standard banners, smartwall and pay per download). With the standard, you can mix and match, and do not have to use all of the ad types (such as only banners, our 360 or smart wall).

With the Bundle 1 SDK, we pay the install rate when your users opt in to the EULA. They are are opting in to enhanced permissions where we collect data, and use that to send the most appropriate and best targeted campaigns to them. If they do not opt in, we are still able to send campaigns, but not with the same granular targeting and tracking.

I am not sure which you are using. If you see impressions for the A01 ad type (which is the pay per install from the EULA opt in), then you are using the Bundle 1 SDK.

Airpush Nick

Shoot me a PM once you do.
You can sign up with us at Monetize Android Apps - Download Airpush’s SDK and let me know the email address when you are ready.



Oh god! so you’re a pro…I am a completely new in this and your help would be much appreciated in the future and I don’t want to slip my first app (it’s been 3 months developing) please send me you mail ?

Hi Superzaki,

Hope all is giong well. I wanted to see what was the status of your apps development and if you were ready to integrate our ad network SDK.
You can sign up with us at Monetize Android Apps - Download Airpush’s SDK.
Our Bundle 1 SDK is for Google play and can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I am on Skype or Google Talk at [email protected].



Hi Nick,I really appreciate the way you care for us, I currently have Cisco certification exams and I’ll get back to work on my projects as soon as possible… I’ll let you know when the day comes…
I have a quick Q, maybe you can answer, can I reach 500$ a month from 5 live wallpapers and each of them got about 5000 downloads ?

again, thank you so much !