House ads solution

Is there any ready to use code in github etc for house ads including server side component?

I’m also courious.

madserve - open source

Our new House Ads API is coming,developers could control their impression and offers with the highest efficiency and target users on a demographic level.:wink:

No Wanie_Green, I am looking for custom solution. mobilecore closed their cross promo feature and left the publishers just like that.
ramzixp, madserve looks very sophisticated solution. Hope it is easy to implement.

I have custom, sorry that I coudn’t sell it but you understand, it’s my code and I don’t want it on any torrents, mass sellers packages or even in not my apk files. Until it’s my, it’s safe for google bans :wink: It’s not worth any money

It’s not hard to make your own:
-some admin panel template, buy for cheap in some template site
-make some json files
-build php files
-simple SDK with advertising ID

SDK>execute php>json>SDK

Madserve is still good but you have to modify it if you want to use advertising ID, it’s still collecting IMEI! But it have intersitials and baners, you can also use ad networks like admob/inmobi to fill your traffic.

Thanks for sharing this to people even I already have mine.

You guys are all re-inventing the wheel.

Try mopub instead

and be dependent to 3d party company again… oO

ramzixp is right. @ramzixp, For house ads, an offerwall listing multiple apps is good or a big full screen ad of one app at a time? dexati is having a list of apps (in a ListView i think) at the exit of his apps.

I don’t have time to create custom one, If anyone selling or ready to create house ads solution for $50 with step by step tutorial, leave a message or PM me.

A simple way is to use a webview and just change the html on your server

good idea, Do we also need to have Advertising Identifier for house ads in place for this?

madserve +sdk from mobfox, mobfox buy madserve so it can work, i do like this, new mobfox sdk don’t collect imei.

You can use chartboost or upsight for cross promotion.

@Yannis, But you will sometimes get banned by Google because of Webview Policy!

@fundev what is Webview Policy?

if you are talking about the following I don’t think it applies

"Apps published on Google Play should provide their own content. Do not publish an app whose primary function is to reproduce or frame someone else’s website (unless you have permission).

Similarly, do not publish an app whose primary function is to drive affiliate traffic to a website. Although affiliate deals can exist where an app’s primary purpose is delivering its own content or functionality, it’s a violation of Google Play policies to publish an app whose primary (or only) purpose is to direct affiliate traffic to another website."

i think we don’t need to handle Advertising ID because here we are not dealing with interest based history or tracking user activity. right?

appfireworks for house ads, and also widdit Base you make your own ads.

@hackformore !If you are using a webview in you app, you are risking you app getting banned one day depending on what type of your app is or the title and description of your app! Google ban app by using stupid bot which is sometimes incorrectly scans for just webview in your app without caring whether the content you are displaying is yours or not!