House ads solution

Based on my own experiences, the stupid Google bot will scan for the webview in any app. If he finds out that your app has a webview, he then will decide whether the content of your app is yours or not. The next step is banning! I have my two apps banned by Google bot because of a webview, and you know what? The first app uses a webview to display my own HTML pages which are stored in local SD card. So WTF? My app doesn’t even try to connect to the Internet to access the someone’s website!!! The second app is kind of app that just reads txt from the txt file and display them in label, yet I forgot to remove the webview from that app then can you guess what happened? Lol, Google experts who programmed this stupid bot is f*cking stupid too!

I use webview for some promotion long ago without any problem. Mobfox (madserve) use webview for display ads too, but i never heard use those sdk cause ban.

Can’t risk with webview. What I m now looking for is some floating button on top of my view layout without touching the layout XML like mobilecore stickeez and Airpush 360 banners.

Did you trying Craigslist before for your house section ?

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