Has anyone tried http://www.appgrade.com/

Anyone try out Appgrade yet? A friend met them today at some kind of summit, and told me he wants to update all our apps with them. So wanting to get an idea on them before I make some upgrades to our apps.

AppGrade | Powerful Mobile Monetization

Do you know where they are based? I looked their website but i didn’t find any company information.

I tried to integrate their sdk in my apps in past but they started scamming people so I stopped.
An Old thread about appgrade http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/7404-somebody-try-appgrade.html

We are glad to hear that. If your friend has already registered during the show, you can login here and check the latest status of your apps. Alternatively, you can sign up and start making money right away. I’m looking forward to start growing your business together.

We are based in Israel, have an office in San Francisco and are about to open an office in China.

I’m very sorry to hear you had this kind of experience with us. We take our partners very seriously and will do whatever is needed to keep them satisfied. Once you decide to give us another chance, I will personally make sure you are well content.

You are more than welcome to come visit us at Droidcon NYC.

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