Google Developer account suspended, Can I use VM to package apps from new account


Got a new year surprise from google, My Developer account got suspended possibly due to copyright reasons. I googled a lot and learned that new account should be registered from a new card, new address and a new computer and the packaging of application should also be done from a different computer along with a different package name and everything else.
I have followed everything, I dont have a different computer to package application. Can I use a VM instead, read somewhere that keystore uses CPU-ID,etc. would the CPU ID be different in a VM?
expert advice needed

Above reference: android - Google Play Publisher account terminated, can another Developer publish my apps? - Stack Overflow

Thanks in Advance.

I have used the same computer after closing the old account for application packages, and i used the new account normally for a three months, but because i published a new app Does not agree with copyright they closed it

i hope to get a new account again

Hi friends
What exactly do you mean “copyright reason”. Did you copy exactly other ap at the store.or it was only similiar.
Cause there are a lot of app that same concept .like poker apps ZYNGA,DRAGONPLAY,IGG…
So if you can please explain .how much it was similiar to the other app.cause im affraid im also will be suspended
And also i will be happy if other people share their experiment

copyright reason is like:
use the same name,icon or tricky name for another Brand(Famous brand) like YouTube ,BBC in your apps

According to my experience : If you have three apps are Violate copyrights your account will be suspended in 1 day

So it is better to review your apps and stop publish like this apps!!
becouse google does not say if you have one or two violations
but if you have three violations they will send you 4 emails like this :
1- they stop publish the first app (with app name and packge)
2- they stop publish the second app (with app name and packge)
3- they stop publish the Third app (with app name and packge)

4- your google account developer is suspended !!

all the emails are in 4 minutes , so you do not have any time to fix your mistakes

First i want to thank you RAMZYAMEEN For the information
And i want ask ,if “copyright” its only if i do same ?
But if i do app that seem very similiar to other app .even the design similiar .but i change a little bit the colours and change the place of buttones.
And the "name and “icon” also changed
There is no “copyright” ,Even it very similar ?

I think google does not review Application content when you publish your app!
just they review The name (brand name (Terrorism app:confused:) /(sexy app)
, the icon after that they publish the app normally.
but if there many users send Complaints to google from google play about your app
they maybe review your application content

if i do app that seem very similiar to other app .even the design similiar?
i think it is normal.
it just like if you open a new shop next another shop by the same design what you need just a new name and new icon


  1. You said that if i have 3 apps that violate “copyright” .then my account will suspend
    But if i have only one way that my account will suspend ?

  2. Do you know or you read what the condition of APPLE about “copyright”.its like google… ?

Thanks friend <3

The trick yankis is not to have apps that violate copyright at all - it’s a thing you avoid at all cost.

Thats exactly my question .what called “copyright”. To copy app one on one.or even similar app can be violate copyright
At the store .there are a lot of appsof “calculator” “poker”…
So i see its not considered as violation
Cause that i ask what exactly “copyright” ?


1-i do not think your account will be suspend if you have one or two app according to my experience with two suspend accounts.
look at this email from google
"This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated.

Multiple violations of the Content Policy and Developer Distribution Agreement as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address of your Publisher account."

2- sorry i do not Know anything about APPle

My advice to you:
create many developer accounts with:

  • Different credit card
  • Different owner for the credit card
  • Different ip
  • Different phone number
  • Different alternative email
    to be in safe

Poker and calculator are not copyrighted. Their design is - so your app has to look at least a little different and have a unique name (for example Super Hyper Duper Space Poker is quite a unique name :wink: ). You can even make a game similar to Angry Birds if you use your own graphics, sounds, music and name i differently and make the characters distinct (for example hedgehogs instead of birds).

RAMZYAMEEN .thank you a lot fir the information,and for the advice

MAGNESUS. There are poker app seem very i know if i will change design entirely no problems will be .but what i asked is if i do app similar also in design .but change the name and little bit change the buttones …
But not change all the design
Will be problems with copyright ?

Depends on how close will you be to the original I suppose. There is not much things you can invent in poker since it’s so established game, so basic elements are mostly in the same places.
By the way, doing a good online texas holdem is hardcore programming stuff. I did one for my client and it was hell (unfortunately I sold him the rights, stupid me). :slight_smile: Some of the rules are very complex (for example when players leave table in the middle of the game) and poker players are very demanding for accuracy and speed.

Unless you are talking about taking the APK of existing poker app and changing it - for that you will get banned, it’s a clear breach of copyright.

If you can please add me at skype.i want to ask you more question about pokergamej

Sorry, I don’t have time for that.

Ok magnesus
So,if you please can tell me.what the hard things to do in poker .in order to i will check with my developer .the app is realy work.and he do good job.and dont have any bugs ?

Dude, no offense but please don’t try to waste people’s time with useless questions. Or at least get a translator first

To vadimbolun
First,Im not try to waste the time of only asking help from people who have experience.if they dont have time .NP Im not force them to answer and im
definitly understand them
And im realy thank to RAMZYAMEEN and MAGNESUS

Second,about the “translation” its only forum.and im not publishing book here,so im not precise anyword
Im sure that every user in this forum understand what i wrote (even u)

Thanks anyway
Have a nice day :wink:

Of course it’s ok to ask questions in a forum, but for me your questions seemed like “how can I make money with Android? will a poker app make money for me? Magnesus, please tell me how to make a poker app so I could earn money” . Maybe my opinion is too subjective and even a wrong one, I’m sorry, but that’s the first that came in my mind.

Have a great day you too :slight_smile:

“how can i get 1000+ download”
How that question seem to you ?
Its also seem to you "how can i get money " ?

So thats the questions in this forum .and nobody have problems with this
Thats exactly the concept of this forum that experienced people will help to the new people
And again nobody force u to answer .only if u nice man who interset help people
MAGNESUS told that he developed im also developing poker now ,and it very important to me know what exactly the complicated features in order to check there are no bugs or lags


(if not i try to translate other language)