Good News! $14000 fund for Amazon Gift Card Prize from Mobvista

Dear developer,

Good News for You!
Mobvista March&April’s Promotion!$14000 Amazon Gift Card Bonus!

With prize fund of $14000, all developers using Mobvista platform will be able to participate in our “Amazon Gift Card Prize” contest!

*. Top 20 developers get a prize according to their earning ranking (Total earning from 2014.03.15 to 2014.04.15)::
[ul]No.1: $2000 Amazon Gift Card[/ul]
[ul]No.2 to No.5: $1500 Amazon Gift Card[/ul]
[ul]No.6 to No.10: $800 Amazon Gift Card[/ul]
[ul]No.11 to No.15: $300 Amazon Gift Card[/ul]
[ul]No.16 to No.20: $100 Amazon Gift Card[/ul]
*. Personal account manger will contact the winners to receive the prize.

[b]Let’s boost your revenue and get the big prize![/b]


Publisher Development Team from Mobvista

Email: [email protected]

Great! Now my traffic volume beats 63% of Mobvista publishers. I am give more traffic and I think I can win a prize.

“Posts: 1”.

registered just to say this )))

What do you mean? I earned nearly $100 from my referral link. :smiley:

referral page.png

Only two posts, very suspicious. Someone tried this before?

Any thing wrong? I want to earn more referral fee from my link. I will beat you guys and earn the prize :wink:

Both new members in this forums and in Mobvista’s platform, are welcome to attend to the contest.
Wish all of you good luck!:wink:

My traffic volume beats 88% of Mobvista publishers. I was 100% but I think many new publishers joining Mobvista so my traffic dropped to 88% I hope to earn a prize.

mine dropped I was at 96% until my Google Play account got suspended so hope I still make top 20

Sorry to hear that but why Google suspended your account?

they somehow linked to my old accounts.

Hi, Mobvista is completly compliant with google play’s policy. Hope you can recover your google account and enjoy your time with Mobvista :slight_smile:

34% long journey to catch up with you guys.

The date for this contest changed as: 2014.03.15 to 2014.04.15
Please notice this. Wish you good luck. Any questions about this, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

So deceiving, the prize fund is $14k haha. I guess my dyslexia thought that was the grand prize.

Hi MDesigns, there is no deceiving thing with this, we hope the contest to be fair, please understand this.:slight_smile:

How can I recieve the amazon gift card if I win?

Hi. Your account manager from Mobvista will contact you if you win the prize. The Amazon Gift Card is sent by email. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will pay attention to this, wish me luck!!!

Just started to try Mobvista yesterday.
I have more than 20 apps, will I win one of the prizes?