Get your $500 bonus for 300,000 impressions

Hi developers,

Our new SDK is going very well. So well, actually, that we want to offer you a way to get in on the action.
Starting now, for all Jan, only for Android developers, you can sign in at appnext and upload our ads in one or more of your apps. We will pay you a special bonus for that, as follows:
[li]$100 bonus for 100,000 impressions.[/li][li]$250 bonus for 200,000 impressions (meaning, an additional $150).[/li][li]$500 bonus for 300,000 impressions (additional $250).[/li][/ol]

[li]impressions are for all the developer apps together. You can reach your target by implementing us in 1,2 or 15 apps. It’s the total impression count, that counts.[/li][li]No more than 1 bonus for each developer[/li][li]You have to generate these impressions by the end of January 2014[/li][li]When you reach 100K/200K/300K - just ping us and we will pay you within 7 days. No waiting until the end of month! [/li][/ul]

There are no strings attached. We strongly believe our new SDK will generate enough revenue you won’t dare to switch to anyone else.

PM me in private for any questions, or reply to this thread.
Looking forward to working with you.

Please share your skype address here


What is your regular payment schedule like?

Regular payment is net 10. If you make over $2,500 in a week, it becomes a weekly. We actually started a debate about it in a separate thread.
However - this bonus is paid within 7 days of pinging us when you reach the amount.

Ok, I’m in for the bonus :slight_smile:

BUT your documentation about integrating the sdk is good, but when you copy-paste the code it’s pretty messy, a 3 line code transforms into 6+ lines of small pieces of codes and you need to manually arrange everything. Kinda annoying.

I’m gonna use your interstitial on app launch, and now when I’m testing I see this:


The close button(X) is only half of it. I’m not sure if this is just a temporary issue or this is how it should look. Isn’t this agains Google policy? The user should be able to close the ads in a clear way, and showing only half of the close button might get the developer in trouble, imho.

However, the loading is pretty fast and the ads are beautiful, but still need to know about the close button thing before I can proceed. Thanks

Thanks for this input.
There is no problem with Google compliance, but we are working on the X bottun issue. I will contact you in private to help fix this.

Thank you!

Same issue with me. Temporary solution is to set full screen view on my activity when calling appnext ad. :wink:

Running AppNext in my latest game and the ads look great and load fast! No issue with the close button either, perfectly visible every time (full screen game).

This is exactly why I love this forum.
Issue now solved, download a new SDK from our server.

Thanks for letting me know.

@jonathan, no effect of my advice. Pls. append some version number to your sdk jar. Its really confusing to have jar name as simple AppNextSDK.jar

also pls. see if you guys can add cross promoting developer apps allowing us to set a percentage of impressions to deliver to our apps.

And pls. tell us how often does the dashboard gets updated.

As for the version number of the SDK - you are totally right. I will talk about this with the IT team.
As for cross promotion - not available right now. Will be reviewed once a few other porjects are done internally. So, no news here.
As for Dashboard update - once every hour.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that some developers have signed up due to this promotion with very good results, make easy $4-$6 eCPM in tier 2 countries. And these numbers do not include the $500 bonus!

Sign up and earn easy money!

hey @jonathan, have december payments been sent? I received an email about the new sdk and promo saying that all december payments have already been sent out but I haven’t received any december payments yet…

Hi luckysma88,
You are right. The newsletter was desgined to go out once all payments are made - today. Only thing is, our accounting person was sick so payments were delayed. A very technical issue…
You will get you payment tomorrow (still inside our Net 10 guarantee). Let me know if you don’t get it tomorrow.

Sorry and thanks.

Hey Jonathan, thanks for always answering peoples questions here pretty concisely, I appreciate that. I guess I am a bit confused here, do you pay net 45 or net 10? This makes a huge difference as appbrain is net 10, airpush is net 7 and admob is net 20, all pretty much in line with one another.

Airpush is net 7? I guess only for those who earn $200+ per week and from what I’ve heard lately now you need to “qualify” for weekly payments. Otherwise they’re net 25-30 for regular payments, at least that was the story when I worked with them.

Net 45? Never… I personally think that there is no reason to work with a company that pays net 45.

We pay net 10, always. Usually before, but always on time. Our accounting is sick today, and that’s why it’s being delayed.

AppBrain is actually net60, but almost always pay net3-10.
AirPush is net30, not net 7. They offer weeklies, but saying that’s “net7” is confusing since normal payment schedules follow calendar months.
Admob is net30, not net20:

we will pay you by the end of the calendar month following any calendar month in which the earned balance in your Account equals or exceeds the applicable payment threshold.

Hi Guys, it will be great to hear how the new SDK performs IYO.
We are getting great feedback through support and see many developers tripling their revenues - please share how it works for you and in general every feedback is more than welcomed :wink: