Get your $500 bonus for 300,000 impressions

So far so good:

Impressions - 145k
CTR - 17.47% (showing at app launch)
Conversion Rate(CR) - 5.36%
eCPM - $3.3

It’s the first time I use Appnext and it’s the first time I show interstitial on app launch, but I’m very pleased with the results.

I like the dashboard that is updated every hour and offers great details regarding CR and number of installs.

What I can’t understand is why after so many clicks the Conversion Rate is still kinda low. To give an example: 100 of users click on the interstitial(it means they’re already interested in the ad, right?) and they are redirected to the Play Store to the advertised app/game. How it comes that only 5 users end up installing the advertised game/app? What about the other 95 people?)) I understand that maybe 10 of them miss-clicked, 10 of them didn’t want to wait for the Play Store to load, but still if they clicked on the ad it means they already showed some interest in it and I guess it’s not hard for them to click on the Install button from the Play Store. This just doesn’t fit my logic)) If anyone can explain I will really appreciate it.

However, so far Appnext is the best for me. We’ll see how it goes with more impressions and when the payout time comes :slight_smile:

Looking great.

5% is actually not a bad conversion rate. I agree that we could expect much higher % but the reality is that it’s well above the avg that all networks see (and many of our developers), the users prob just checking out the apps and most of them don’t install. (unfortunately)

Anyway, it’s good to hear that the new SDK is working very well!

@EladAppnext, do you also pay some amount for clicks or just for installs?

Yes, we have very limited apps paying per clicks but the vast majority are paying per install.

@vadimbolun, I’ve seen conversion rates from 1% to 30% in the networks I’ve tried (as a developer and as an advertiser). I don’t have an explanation either for the low conversion rates, my logic is exactly as yours. When things don’t make sense to me I usually think it’s because of factors that I am not aware of.

Ai dreptate, Radu :slight_smile: It would be at least logical and real to get 1/3 of the users who click on the ad to download the advertised game/app. We really don’t want to involve such terms as scrubbing and shaving. Such things are surely done in the CPA market, but hopefully it doesn’t affect too much the Android industry.

Anyways, a big plus for Appnext for at least showing this data to the developers and so far I found their dashboard to be the most detailed from networks I’ve tried. Other networks(mobileCore, especially Startapp) don’t bother offering too much data for us.

But still, the low Conversion Rate remains an unanswered mystical question))

@vadimbolun Thanks! we try to be as transparent as we can.