First 'serious' income from game - low eCpm, 10K new users/day


I would like to share my income report for first month since application was published. At this time during three weeks I got 4.2 rate with 13414 reviews, 105 000 installs and 15K daily users.
Application made about 903K impressions, with RPM 0.28EUR, ctr = 1.38. This application designed for russian market.
Total income 258 EUR. ‘Serious’ for me at this point. Almos all this money the application made during last week. Now it holds 6 place in Top New Free games in own category, as well as 21st place in category top.
Income only from Admob. Has interstitial ads (not more than 3 per session), and banner at the bottom of the screen. Also has some in-app purchases.
Some screens from admob

Current version: Hangman - Google Play Top Apps | App Annie
It’s english varian was launched yesterday: Hangman words game - Google Play Top Apps | App Annie

Active users:
I’m thinking to integrate appnext interstital instead of admob interstitial - at this point admob revenue is too low.
If you have any questions - welcome.

Only one question: Did you do any marketing/purchasing installs or its all organic growth using ASO?

I purchased about 200 installs on start, and tried to keep rate as high as possible by fixing issues raised by users.

thanks for replying. Then what was that single most important factor which made you stand out from the rest. I can see that play store is flooded with hangman games.

I agree. Let’s see how it will go with english version.

Congratulations. You will make this number in a day within USA market, hopefully :slight_smile: good luck to you, awesome looking game!

thank you :slight_smile:

Get the hell off Admob. You need to do the following ASAP:

  1. A/B test to see if the CTR goes up/down with banners at the top.
  2. List on and integrate their advert kit
  3. Integrate MoPub and use mediation to get the best eCPM from other networks (you will need to register with each network individually).

Doing this will increase your revenue at least 50% for non US installs, and if you use Amazon’s SDK for USA installs (you will need to detect and switch on app startup), you should be able to get $1.00 eCPM for US installs using Amazon.

right not play store is showing 1675 reviews only for your russian version. Some shaddy stuff there.

This is because I designed this app for russian users only. It even does not have interface in different languages. Primary I assumed to make application per language.
I have already started to integrate mopub into the app, let’s see how it will move.

Thanks for advices!

Not everyone makes terrible eCPM with admob. I only use admob and made around $1.50 eCPM on banners in december. So far in January it’s dropped to $1.14, but thats normal for all networks.

Yesterday I got 169,220 impressions for this Hangman game. eCPM even lower than usual - .24eur. I have implemented moPub, but I don’t have marketplace approved, because of this I’m waiting to release new version.
English version had 150 downloads per day. This is very low comparing to russian version. I think releasing separate versions per language was a mistake. Need to merge them.

If it is a russian app is it available in the Russian android store yandex - Yandex.Store - an app store for Android

No, it’s not. I’ve just integrated OpenIAB ang going to publish it soon, most probably today.

I’ve implemented moPub. From now it is perfect and great. I’ve got in-time support for my issues. Going live in a day - let’s see how it will work.

Really noob question but here it goes:
Just curious, how can you do this, by promoting it (like appbrain) or by going to certain people that promise you these 200?

This is correct

Good job buddy , great results for first app! Do what mind said and you’ll be OK, mediation is the key. You didn’t say what the retention rate is, if it’s low - for USA market put some PPD network - extra 2 cents per install with startapp and appwiz (not recommended, read reviews here) or up to 4 with airpush new SDK

thank you

retention rate at this point is 54%

How did mopub work out for you?