First 'serious' income from game - low eCpm, 10K new users/day

I have just started to use moPub, it is my 3rd day with the network.
In general MoPub is great. It wins about 20% of my impressions providing about ~30% higher ecpm. Interstitial provides 50% higher eCPM.
I do really like I have a great ability to define which network is active and how I can split trafic.
Also, I would like to mention MoPub team performed live presentation for me and helped me to setup my networks. This was great. I can send you direct contacts if you want to get the same.

I performed A/B by moving banner to the top of screen, also adjusted UI part to disalow banner to overlap the controls at the bottom at the same time. As a result my eCPM and CTR significally dropped from .8% to .3% with eCPM from .29EUR to .10 eCPM.
I moved the banner back, however eCPM stays the same. I’m looking into this issue and that was caused this issue. Most probably I will drop off the AdMob totally because of this low eCPM and will try to use wapstart, appnext with moPub etc.

I also noticed adMob send real bullshit as ads for my application. I even wonder how users even clicks on this ads.

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sorry, newbie here. what is ASO? thanks

app store optimization. Include title, images, description, video etc.

thanks javaexp :slight_smile: