Fifteen Puzzle X 0.15 (Sliding Tile Puzzle )

Hi all,
I’m actually working on a small puzzle game for Android and I’m using libgdx as framework and Blender with YafaRay to render the resources used in the game.
If anyone want to give it a try and maybe give me some feedback about the game, here it is:





Nice game, good job for your first game! It looks good, but why did you not use the whole screen. There is a large amount of space at the top, were you planning to put ads there?

Hi XdebugX,
thank you. I’m actually not using the entire screen because I’m supporting different ratio without distortion (240x320, 480x800, 600x1024) and there is no space on my LG P350 (240x320).
I’m using a simple banner at the top (320x50). Can you see it?
I’ll try to add additional things available only for phones with more empty space.
I’m not sure yet what to include. Maybe I can include a bigger ads :slight_smile:
What do you think?


I see the ad now, I might not have had a good connection before.
It looks like there is maybe 200 pixels of space at the top on my phone. Maybe there is an ad network with medium sized ads. Everyone I’ve heard says larger ads do a t better. I would definetly check how much space is left in code and see if you could serve a bigger ad.

Small update:

  • Integrated with MoPub using (AdMob and Millenniam)
  • Added animation when moving pieces.

XdebugX : I need to check how to increase Ad height because AdMob have just 320x50 and 320x250 and on a device 480x800 I have about 238 height available.

Not sure if ad-mob has an ad-size that would fit there, maybe another network does? Millieum? I don’t use any other networks, so I don’t know. You could also use the space for a self cross promotion. When you have more games, put a image there of your new game and when they click it take them to the app in the market.

Another thing you could try… since you have 238 height and ad-mob requires 250, it’s only 12 more pixels. You could try shrinking the size of your graphics, maybe 1 or two pixels on the tiles and a couple pixels of the border. Wouldn’t notice much difference but would give you the 250 pixels.

I once made a sliding puzzle game applet for webpages years ago:
Animated Sliding Puzzle
It uses an animation instead of pictures though, so you need to watch it some to figure out where the tiles should go. Feel free to use the idea

Hi XdebugX,
very nice idea. Thank you!
I’ll probably use it! :slight_smile:
Today I centered vertically the puzzle board and put MoPub’s Ad at the top and TapForTap’s Ad at the bottom but only for device with screen bigger than 240x320.
I think this will give me more visibility without losing incomes.
At the moment the game is not in the market because I want to complete at least the basic.


Hi all,
can anyone with a device screen bigger than 240x320 test if in my game you can see 2 Ads (One at the top and one at the bottom)?
I have a device 240x320 and I can see just the top one.

Here is what it looks like on my device. Its an HTC Vivid with 960×540 resolution.

The top ad looks to be cut off a little.


I have the droid bionic, 960x540. I see two ads on the new version. I noticed a problem with the app though… If I click one of the ads, when I come back to the game, the puzzle is reset. So I lost my progress if I click one of the ads. I’m guessing, but the problem may be from not saving your state in the activity, see info here on activity lifecycle:

Thank you guys,
I haven’t implemented to save state. :slight_smile:


I published on Google Play :

Any feedback/suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

Congrats on publishing! I downloaded it and left you a review also. I see you have two small banners at the bottom of the board for devices with large screens. Which advertisers are these?

Hi XdebugX,
thank you very much for supporting my game. :slight_smile:
I’m actually using admob at the top of my app and tapfortap at the bottom.
I updated to version 0.11!

Change log:
Fix fullscreen problem.
Added support for different puzzle type and size.

Hi guys,
My game get a review in Italian:

They like it :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I added support for themes:

1.7K downloads and 62 rates (All 4 and 5 stars) :slight_smile:

My blog is available here:

Hi guys,
yesterday my game “Fifteen Puzzle X” get reviewed by “The Friday Games Review”!
If you like to watch it:

Thank you to everyone that vote it!!!