FAN Payments this month?

Anyone received invoice from FAN this month? they usually sent invoice on 8th and payment on 15th.

I think I did not reach minimum last month so no news about it from me.
However, a question. Can you even view ANY revenue at all about ALL your apps in their dashboard? It’s a week since I last saw any revenue in there -.-
I might be making zeroes or hundreds and I got no idea what is happening?
I have filed 3 bug reports and still nothing

My status’s payout is pending. But i don’t receive any invoice from FB.

Even if I don’t reach minimum, I get an invoice and this time I haven’t got it either.
You didn’t answer, does the dashboard of analytics performance for all apps work for you?

Yes Anteos it works but Fan fill rate never above 69% for me. U seem to be troubled so much in your other post. Tried using different browser?
U can raise a support case also.
I haven’t received invoice but I m sure ad network like fan will send payment on 15-16th

Yes, anteos. It still work:)

Thank you both for confirming it works. I have asked many times and noone let me know it might be only me. Actually, FB support said there really is an issue and they are investigating.
I can never see the total revenue per app anymore, always stuck at Loading. The biggest problem is I cannot see what I am earning every day from all apps, though.
I have tried Firefox, opera, Chrome and Pale Moon in desktop, Opera and Chrome in android.

For me is completely not working since a day or so after you opened the thread on the forum.
It also happened 3-4 months ago and it lasted for 2-3 weeks before they fixed it.
Lately I started using the same placement IDs for most of my Apps so I can live without the aggregate report.

It’s what they suggested to me too but I got many apps and had already set them up.
I hope they will fix it soon. I am the kind of person who keeps checking the revenue in hopes of a nice sudden rise :slight_smile:

@Anteos, for the time being what u can do is bookmark individual FAN pages for apps and put them in a folder in Bookmarks toolbar of Firefox and then right click on folder -> Open All in Tabs
Chrome should also be having have similar feature.

Today, Anyone received invoice from FAN???

em thấy trong phần thanh toán có thanh toán đang chờ thôi, chứ không thấy FAN email hay gì cả

(i got a waiting payment in FAN’s dashboard only, i didn’t get an email)

Tại mấy tháng trước a đều nhận đc invoice trước ngày payment 1 tuần. Mà tháng nay chưa thấy nên hỏi bà con xem sao? Hihi

Good idea but quite much work since it’s like 40+ apps. I prefer to keep reporting it in support lol.

oggg. u should have used mediation at least. can update the adunit id in mediation dashboard without updating code at least.
I also started creating unique app in FAN for each app published but soon read on MMWA that they allow to use the same id across apps, even id created for ios can be used for android so just updated my mediation settings. now its much easier to check FAN income.

Careful with same ID if the apps have different style. I did it in the beginning and ecpm is 1/3 of apps with their own separate ID.

If we use same app ID but different placements for each app - every new placement we create will be reviewed or once the initial ones are accepted we can keep adding new ones at once without waiting?


No invoice for me yet.

Thank you for sharing!!