FAN Payments this month?

not yet for now . to get payed in FAN i should give them RIB Or just my bank account number

From my account, FAN will pay after 21st each month if you get more than $100

Yeah!!! I see. They usually pay on 15-16th every month. But until today, i still don’t revice any invoice from FAN:)

Even for me too. Haven’t received the invoice. But i guess they won’t delay the payment. Let’s see day’s are not far :smiley:

Got invoices for both accounts …:slight_smile:

you get your money in your bank account or jaust got the invoice email

you get your money in your bank account or just got the invoice email

Invoice received

anyone receive payments?

Invoice and payment by before 16th of each month :slight_smile:

Anyone got payment FAN yet?

Not yet still.

Today, Anyone got payment FAN yet?

Haven’t got still. What might be the reason why it is delayed this month ?


What eCPM you have?

My ecpm is about 2-3$!! Sometime 4-5$! And you?

For what countries?

Anyone received payment ? Please update here.

My eCPM is 0.80- 1.20.