EPIC-Pay Per Download Networks with Super High eCPM all Non-googleplay

Pay Per Download means you get paid everytime someone downloads, installs and then runs your game or app once. Here are some

Airpush - Bundle 2 eCPM is $50 dollars. Not for googleplay or samsung but all other android appstores and websites.Now go and make some money!!

Offers weekly pay at $600 threshold and net 30 for less.

Appnext - New SDK offers 1.5 cents for an eCPM of $10.50 which is still very high any country . The user does have to interact with the initial ADs to trigger the PPD.
Appnext offers weekly pay if $2500 reached if not then offers net10 for all other amounts.

Appflood- Pays $8 eCPM for US traffic and $1.4 for non US traffic.
Appflood pays the dreaded net 45 which I personally hate .

Minimob - pays 1-25 cents per install as long as user sees an ad on thier non google play sdk plus you can get house ads to fill in. fill rates are like 40-60%. So the eCPM will vary between $10 - $250 .

Unsure about minimob payment threshold because insability. I will check their website again tomorrow to see if they added payme t terms.

So those are some of the popular PPD (pay per download) networks to make money in non-googleplay markets. If you know of any more please mention and I will add it to the list.

Appnext does not offer PPD…
Appflood has very low rates… They changed them without notifying anyone…

Ok thanks for the infomation I thought Appnext was PPD because of this thread Appnext rep made http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/3889-appnext-new-sdk-1-5c-ppd-worldwide-cpi.html

So how much is appfloods rates now? And so Appnext isnt PPD then why did the rep open a thread saying they were?

minimob pays 1-25 cents per install as long as user sees an ad on thier non google play sdk plus you can get house ads to fill in. fill rates are like 40-60%

Thanks DroidGenie this is the 1st time I heard about them , great find I will add it to the list.

You have to contact them now to have ppd enabled on your account

apnext offers ppd only when user opts-in to having the app emailed to them. they pay like 1 cent, then like a half cent for some news letter to thier email so 1.5 cents between the 2.

They are closing their network I think… After massive bans of apps with minimob their ECPM is very low. They now just sucks. Although they were great some time ago

Too bad because at .25 per install that money would have been lovely. Hopefully minimob becomes popular again, I wish I knew about them sooner.

Now I had with them only 2k installs per day and I got less than 1$… So they just closed their PPD. They are just another titanic;) I think that their SDK will be still fast banned on GP… And also they don’t have new advertisers, so it’s not worth…

We actually offer PPD (also known as CPI) through our tech, Unlockable. We’re still in early stages but already seeing anywhere from $3-$15 eCPMs with 95% fill rate. If you score 50k on the demo @ demo.unlockable.com and send me an email @ [email protected] with the screenshot I’d love to talk about guaranteeing the high end eCPMs as we optimize our services for your app.

when we say PPD we are actually talking about pay per download or install of our app upfront when a user downloads our app and runs it for the first time, we just get paid for the install of the app to the users device and do not get paid for the ads.

Thanks for the clarification! I had no idea this existed. Learning every day I suppose!

What are the payout terms for most of these PPD networks?

Ok I have added the payment terms about how long it takes to get paid and if there are any thresholds. Go check 1st post for the new information.

Just giving this a bump to show the newbies thier options.

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