Developer account suspended no reasons

Hi today My account was suspended with no reasons…no emails…no app suspension before…what the hell

You had an account suspended before?

No, I dont have! There was not even one app violating the policy

You bought any app code and published it on your account?

You created the account yourself? Used a vcc?

Apps are coded by myself

Yes, I created the account by myself

Same shit happened to me last week… Apps were suddenly gone and got a “Unable to access google product” message when trying to access dev console.
Sent an appeal right away but not a single word from them so far.
By the way apps were real legit, nearly 10M downloads. Account was bought from a seller here in the forum over a year ago.

Thats what Happens when you do shady things :). Why would anyone buy accounts from illegal people. One account of them in issue, everyone who bought from them is in trouble. Is it too hard to understand? Are you so desperate?

How long will they reply?

I haven’t done nothing shady! I created the account by myself. I never buy an account from the seller.

I honestly think they’re not going to reply at all

google is cleaning up accs

Cleaning up without reasons?

I think there must be some bug in their system

I also experienced the same thing. in the last week, suddenly my account can not be opened. I made a google play account with a personal credit card. and that is very sad, I’m doing a massive promotional applications, 1,500 people gave a star and install 50,000 people.

I really do not understand why this could happen because there is no single explanation of the google

You guys, didn’t even get an email with the reason? As far as I know, they at least send an email with the reason, not specific, but at least they send something. And they have replied to my appeals within 2 days, always (mostly didn’t accept it, but at least they did reply)

My suspension page says that Google reserves the right to deactivate an account with or without notification, for whatever reason they want. Maybe that’s how they roll now

Really sad they did such a stupid thing to ruin developers’ life

@superandroid can you give some detail about your app? Example app type, function…?
My be you violate some IP or Google policy.