Dash and Smash - multiplayer racing game

Hello everyone.

There’s been some time since I posted anything here. I was busy and I don’t regret it:) My Run Alien game got 5000+ downloads which is a small success for me. It was my first game ever so it was mainly learning time. I have written good income report which you liked very much. I also got a lot of PMs and feedback from you. You can read the income report HERE.

Dash and Smash is much much bigger project. It’s 2D online multiplayer racing game with lots of feature like multiple characters, abilities, worlds, levels, characters can be leveled up and upgraded etc. I will give you much more information soon as I can’t reveal everything in one post:)

This is not an income report yet but I decided to inform you how much time it takes, how much it costs and what are the effects. So first information what I can say is that we are working in 3 people: 2 devs and 1 graphics guy. We didn’t spend any money yet but we plan to buy many sounds effects, fonts, and ad campaign of course. The development started about 2-3 months ago and we plan to release the game in November this year. I will inform you soon about more details here:)

We revealed first world and character. You can see some screenshots on our facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DashAndSmashGame

Please like the fanpage to hear every news. Also if you like it I will know that you are interested in how this project is being created and I will post here many news about our money spent and earned and more details about production.
It’s important for us to keep in touch with our fans. It’s multiplayer game so we need good base of players at the beginning.

Any question? Feel free to ask me:)

And the screenshot of course:

This one wasn’t published yet so hsss;)

Looks interesting! Please keep us updated :slight_smile:

I think your game looks awesome, I would certainly give it a try :wink:

Game looks great, keep the good work :wink:

Do you wonder about facebook ads? I tested it few days ago. I spent about 7$ in 3 days. I was promoting my fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/DashAndSmashGame) because the game is not released yet.

The results: 24 likes so it means that one like costs about 0.3$. The question is how many of this people will download the game after realease.

It’s worth to say that they still can tell about the game to their friends. That 24 means people which liked the fanpage using the facebook ad.

I will try another 2 7$ campaigns soon with different settings.

Like the fanpgae too if you are itnerested in:)

Where are those likes from? You will be lucky if 50% download the game, considering as well all the people that will unlike the page before you release the game. I don´t think its a good strategy for a game, but for other types of business like virtual stores. I mean, isn´t better to pay directly for the download?

I targeted the campaign to Polish only this time.

Probably you are right but I just play with it to check if it’s worth it. I’m not gonna spend more than 20$ on that anyway:)

I would advise against building any likes for your facebook page. When you do release the game, and post about it on your facebook page, only 2-3% of people that liked your page will see that post - FACT

I would suggest advertising for app installs on facebook instead. I think that has much better ROI

And if FB is big in Poland, you could probably achieve below $0.05 per install with facebook ads in that country. Just have your ad in Polish and you are good to go

Deleted on request

Dude at least read the post before adding your spam.
I can understand the two cents that you make on YouTube Ads May be enough for you and post links everywhere, but your spam is hard to read and its just annoying that you reply for every thread even if you have no content to post.

For the sake of man kind, please stop.

As I said before you all are probably right but still i wonder what will happen. Run Alien got high ammount of downloads at the first 2-3 days mostly thanks facebook, so maybe it will also help. I wont spend more than 20$ so it’s not much:)

I did try with an App, but the games are way more downloaded and wanted, I think to start making games with Unity.
How longs takes to get small game project done?

Best of Luck !

$20 is a good test budget :slight_smile:

I saw your other thread in marketing forum. I would strongly advise facebook mobile install ads, now that FB inventory is much bigger (with new audience network) and their targeting is spot on (age and interests of fb users) … i think advertisers and publishers both will win from participation.

And FB is better than other PPI services like airpush etc. in your opinion?

if u can get less than 20 cents per non-incentive install on fb go with it. i wouldn’t waste money if u pay 0,3 for one like especially when 1like isnt equal to 1install. u can get better effect with appbrain. remember that u will probably get less money from polish ads. but i dont think itll be india price.
btw how do u deal with taxes?

What is your experience in advertising?

I don’t deal with taxes yet. I’ve earned some money in 2014 from Run Alien but it’s not much and I will of course write about it in PIT as others. If Dash and Smash succeed I will create 2-person company. Especially that (if i am right) you need company if you want IAP

What character is next? Try to guess :slight_smile:

More info soon on our fanpage. Make sure you like it:)


According to the facebook campaign for getting likes. I can’t recommend it. It costed me about 0.3$ per like but another campaign made by co-worker costed about 0.80$ per like. Like != install so don’t bother with it:)

I am happy to announce new character - Archer. I will update some screens with Archer in action and a new world soon:)
Yes, I know, I’ve said that November will be month of the release but we want to be sure that Dash and Smash is ready. You will have to wait until next year. But trust me - it’s worh it:)

Like our fanpage to be always informed. :slight_smile:

You are going to miss the best 2 month period of year (Nov 20th to jan 15th) and launch in worst Period of the year? (Feb 1st to April).

(In regards to ads and in app purchase performance).