Cheapest Android Installs for Sale at $0.02 per install.

Hi everyone!

I am offering to sell Android Installs at the very cheap rate of $0.02 per install.


  1. Where the installs come from?
    They are bot installs using real mobile devices, for this reason, we managed to make it very cheap.
    The installs is from all around the world, India, Russia, France, etc.

  2. How many installs may I get
    The minimum order is 1000 installs (i.e. $20), and the maximum order is 5000 installs ($100).

  3. How may I pay?
    You will pay by Paypal. Installs will commence in 24 hours of your payment.

  4. Will I get scammed?
    No, don’t worry about it, you will get the installs or get the money back if installs fail to be delivered.

  5. Do you offer review services?
    No, we do not offer it at this stage.

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If you are interested in it, please drop me a PM

Thanks for your attention.


those who are interested may spend $1 for 100 test installs :slight_smile:

Hi all!,

We are doing a new year offer now, $10 for 1000 installs - $0.01 per install!
The cheapest you can find everywhere, don’t miss this great offer!

We have served more than 10 clients thus far, and everything works greatly.

I am interested in the new year offer, please dm me how to proceed.

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I am interested in the new year offer, please dm me how to proceed.

sent, please check PM :slight_smile:

I started with 1000 installs =)

Aren’t the bot installs dangerous? I read in a lot of places that Google doesn’t like bot installs and will remove your app from the play store if detects it.

I m interested in you new year offer. PM me please

Pure Android Intalls - Real users only.
Source - own apps and games, 2 motive web platforms.
Amount - 3k/day
Get your chance for 50% discount and free trial package!

great cheap installs :slight_smile: thx

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bought 2000 for $200 - GOOD! Cheapest price now for US!

the new year offer is still out :slight_smile:

$10 for 1000 installs, 50-100 installs per day delivered

hi pm me how to proceed with this offer.

thanks for purchase :slight_smile:

How is the installs going?

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