Cheapest Android Installs for Sale at $0.02 per install.

i haven’t seen install in a while. are u still working on it?

Two months ago I used the services of this service. My application was able to reach the top. It serves not only to increase the number of software downloads. I can chose the criteria that will move my application. I give preference to the proposal for 22 cents: Set keyword + review. There are also other offers:

1 installation for the keyword $ 0.16
1 installation for the keyword + Review 0.22 $
1 installation for the keyword + Review + Comment $ 0.27
1 application installation $ 0.09
1 installation + Details $ 0.15
1 installation + Review + Comment $ 0.20

Such techniques are much more efficient than a robotic way to promote. All issues are resolved with support, they respond quickly. I recommend.

Newsletter from Tapinstall: They added Vietnam in their inventory. Now the list of countries supported:

Time to register and start conquering new markets! :slight_smile:
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