Buying lead, compare your ad revenue with my offer

I’m a buying manager from EOMOBI company, which located in China main land, here my purpose is to extend my customers’ ad abroad, so here i list my company’s offer, you guys pls check and compare with your current ones, and see if we have a change to cooperate:

Here comes the PRICE:

Ad display: Smart wall out & Push
Price: For users from high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

As you may noticed above, the word “INSTALL”, means i’ll pay you when the users INSTALLED YOUR APP INTEGRATED WITH OUR SDK, doesn’t like some other ad networks who pay you when the users INSTALLED THE APP DISPLAYED IN THEIR ADVERTISEMENT, by which way you still need to pray that the users will click the ad and install a new app, rather than close the ad screen directly.
So as you can see, the risk, that the users may ignore the advertisement, will be taken by us instead of you, and so you don’t have to worry your Click Rate or Install Rate anymore, which may will be a very small number, you just count how many users INSTALLED YOU APP and you will get paid according to the new users’ quantity, simple and direct.

And here I add my own thoughts for your information:
i believe this way is suitable for people who prefer liquidating their productivity in a short term, increasing the speed of production circulation, at a certain extend , adapted to the App industry cause this is an industry updating at rocket speed, i can never predict which rank i’ll be tomorrow so it’s better to seize now.

If you have interest in this post or have unclear points, pls leave your message here or PM me, i’ll reply you asap.

Finally, thank you for your reading and best regards to you.

Some days before I read here you don’t pay to people and also your push ads are not compliant with google play.

I’m interested in this… But:

  1. How often do you pay?
  2. Do you have live dashboard with actual stats?
  3. How your SDK looks like and what permissions does it want?
  4. Do you accept all apps or only the ones you choose?
  5. What countries are “low value countries”?

Anyone tried this network? Worth?

Oh, no, i see we have bad reputation here.

First of all, thanks for your reply. Pls check following my answer:

I read here you don’t pay to people

Here i will list some possible situations:
Possible reason 1:
Our payment is made weekly and threshold is $50, means if developers earned $50 or more, we’ll pay them all money left in his account, and then they will accumulate their income again and when it reaches $50,we’ll pay them again that week.
But i see examples, like on the day before yesterday, a developer complained he’s not paid, but in fact, in his account have only around $30, that’s why i explained him our policy and he comprehended me. Anyhow, there may have some developers complained without enough conversation with our team.

Possible reason 2
And this situation is very bad---------- cut-throat competition, I think all you can understand this, there are about 400+ companies around the world doing the same ad network jobs, we’re all trying to attract you developers to cooperate with us, so somebody may take some immoral way to strike their competitors, that’s normal, I comprehend this.
As you can also see airpush people have dispute with somebody who blamed them though the below link:
Airpush for Android - What is fact and what a myth? - Stack Overflow

your push ads are not compliant with google play

Yes, you are right, but only for Push function, Smart wall out is not forbidden. Plus we can also turn off the push function, leave smart wall out only, but price will be lower.

And here is my points of view on this issue:

  1. every problem have its market solution, google play is not the only app store, developers can also try other stores like slideme.
  2. Google play have a big share of market, and Admob is owned by google play, as they’re the leader of this market, they can make their own rules, following sentence just represent myself and mean no offence--------- “though I’m not a bachelor in law or economy, I look at this situation and feel familiar, can I call it monopoly? Is monopoly should be forbidden?”

I don’t have to explain anymore about monopoly, I’ll show example, in China, the gasoline industry is monopolized by 3 companies, all are state owned, so we have high gasoline price here cause tax’s very high but finally we can only buy gasoline from them, plus if there’s no big gasoline consumers like USA or Japan, without competitor, you can imagine how low the import price will be for China import gasoline from middle east , if so, Sheikh shall cry. And if I’m a Sheikh, I want to keep the situation right now, I don’t want an only superpower.

I can understand you said the ad is not compliant with google play, because they’re strong, anyhow his strength shall not make me illegal, we can anyhow find the solutions, here I’m not blaming anybody cause I may have the same thought if I’m not doing this job.

  1. So Sheikhs, here I recommend we back to the main topic, compare which ad network is most suitable for you and give you most income, till now I didn’t get detailed terms and price for all those 400+ ad networks, I just list mine and I think it’s fairly high, pls check and judge by yourself.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and my best regards to you.

Thank you for your feedback, here pls check my answers:

  1. We pay weekly and threshold is $50.

  2. you can go to our website: Easily Optimize Most of Benefits Incredibly|EOMOBI , register as developer and sign in, then you’ll see your dashboard, also in their have actual stats, any user who installed your App(with our SDK), and the ad activated 1 time, we’ll count it as 1 new install and will accumulate your income, so after you integrate SDK, pls do a test and make sure the SDK works and ad shows.

  3. Sorry i’m not professional at technique, but you can log in your dashboard, in there you can find and download our SDK, if have any obstruction when integrate the SDK , inform me and i’ll ask our technician for help.

  4. Basically we accept all apps cause our core purpose is to promote our customer’s products.

  5. You can add my skype: [email protected] , i can send a excel file list high/medium/ low countries .

WTH mmmmkkkkss u are a shiekh now? lol :smiley:

just wondering why there are so many mobi’s yeahmobi, eomobi, inmobi, outmobi, f***mobi

Mean no offence, but isn’t is forum called “making money with anroid”? And this classification is “Advertising networks”,right?

So here i start my topic, offering developers a solution to get income, totally self-motive , no using tricks.

Plus i can tell you there are about 400+ “Mobs” around the world.

This is business, you know business man, 400 companies is a fairly small no., compare with ebay and taobao.

Plus the more the better for you guys:D, imagine how little you’ll be paid if only have 1 “mobi” doing this. You’re the sheiks , guys, everybody’s begging for your gasoline:mad:.

Wow, out ads are really mind blowing… They can even send sms with ads to the users… :o But did anyone tried them? I want to try them for non GP, but want to hear sth from other devs;)

Agree with you,there’s big difficulty for smart wall out and push cause google play holds the largest share, but our advertisement analyst said smart-wall-in’s promoting efficiency is extremely low so they prefer this way.

Anyhow i think give it a try won’t cost many, which at least is much more convenient and safer than international trade, you don’t have to worry if the buyer cheat your large number of commodity or the seller cheat your big money, instead, this trade happens almost at the same time, like one hand take the cargo when other hand give the money, also that’s why we take weekly payment policy, when apply short time payment term, you don’t have to worry big lost l if you at last feel unsatisfy and choose leave.

Tried this one before. Their ads is very annoying and frequent. Users usually uninstalled your app quickly. Even worse, the sms ads sometimes cost user fee without user notice. Never get my payment. I quit after 2 weeks try. It will get your gp account banned also.

I tried your SDK, but can’t get SDK worked…
09-12 01:14:02.050: E/Database(3057): close() was never explicitly called on database ‘/data/data/com.example/databases/fp.db’

Ok, I don’t recommend you this network. They are unprofessional chinese guys… I lost 2 hours trying to get their SDK worked… But it’s too hard to make a normal SDK for them… So how they can manage with other things? Also skype support is really poor… They don’t know how to fix the problem, they write emails to you in chinese and it’s just a crap…

@sean gao Recommended alternate markets that works best for your ad network?

Also, did anyone implemented and getting any money from them? The pay rate is good, but eomobi seems having very much complaint in this forum from the past.

Pls give me this “bad support guy”'s skype name, if ok , can you PM me his crap email , and tomorrow i’ll question him.

You know i’m not a technical guy and don’t know details about the technology, but at least i can give you a understandable English written feedback.

My Best regards


Our technician explained this to me, maybe, it’s because the internet signal on your side is not good that time so the databases is not created successfully.

I hope you give us a second chance, won’t take you “2 hours”, instead just use about 10 minutes.

Here is what we plan to do:

  1. Pls, give me your IMEI, and our technician will delete all data remanence when creating the ad database.
  2. After that i’ll inform you, then pls connect your phone to wifi, uninstall the App firstly and then install this App again , then we can find the result.

Also , here i leave my skype: [email protected] , pls add me if you need consultation.

I will be willing to try you guys out, I get good traffic on outside markets. PM how I can make an account and log in.

Just implemented them only took not even 10 minutes, How did it take you 2 hours it is just a few permissions, some manifest code and only 4 lines of code for oncreate method.