BEWARE of Mobario --> NOT compliant with Google Play

Just checked out Mobario’s SDK since they’ve been spamming this forum 5x per day. Anybody who thinks this SDK is compliant with new Google policy is completely crazy. It breaks AT LEAST two rules in the new policy, firstly by showing interstitials outside of the app (and in a very spammy way), and secondly by interfering with other apps by overlaying ads over other apps including Google Play’s own app each time you install/uninstall.

This company is dangerous and I predict they will get into big trouble for telling developers their SDK is Google-play compliant.

PingJam and Startapp’s post-call managers are also NOT compliant guys. Don’t listen to these ad networks who are lying to you, when Google bans you they won’t be able to help at all.

I agree, that’s my interpretation as well. I would totally consider the phone and sliders as apps.

Hi KingDroid,

Not sure which of MOBARIO’s competitors you are from, but I sense the fear.
With MOBARIO’s developer community and user base growing over 25% daily, we are under the feeling that both developers and the MOBARIO Team believe in our SDK that it follows the new Google Policy. (See below charts)

So say what you feel, but our Product and Service speaks for itself.

Last week we released an amazing updated SDK that follows Google’s policy in the most strictest manner. Don’t take our word for it. [b][u]Register Today[/u][/b], test our SDK over the next couple of days and tell us what you and your users think. We want to hear your opinions!

Please feel free to view our [b]YouTube[/b]

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I would love to test Mobario, if it wasn’t for the spamming that Mobario_Man is making. Maybe when he’ll stop doing that.

If all ad companies did PR like this, these forums would just be one colossal flame war. :rolleyes:

@Mobario_Man Since you said you just released a new SDK which follows Google Policy, I guess you are in agreement with my original post that your SDK was not compliant. Can you let us know the changes to the SDK which made it compliant? Either way I will check out the new version hopefully tonight and give my thoughts on it.

StartApp is not compliant? really?:((((((((((((((((((((

StartApp is not compliant? really?:((((((((((((((((((((

Actually there sdk was not design for lower screen size so there wasn’t a way to close the tutorial on low screen size.I gave them feedback because of that they updated the sdk

Hello KingDroid,
We released a new SDK yesterday for a number of reasons, and not because it was not compliant.
Our new release included:

  1. Fine improvements to make the widget even more compliant with the new Google policy. (In all honesty, it is our belief that we were compliant, and we remain compliant, but we ask every developer to make their own judgement).
  2. User-friendly EULA. Will significantly improve Install rates. Our current install rate is approximately 50%-60%.
  3. Change in the Init() method to enable you to use your own EULA instead of ours!
  4. A better UX for your users!
  5. Fix of minor bugs.

Thank you again for taking the time to test our New SDK. If you still believe we are not compliant after a thorough review, please specify the exact points so that we can continue to improve our product. Mobario is a service provider for you and your users, and we want your business.

Hi Devankit,

Thank you for your genuine post.
Yes, as I mentioned to you yesterday, MOBARIO was originally designed for 4in-8in screens. We will improve the product to include lower and higher screens in our future SDKs. We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline which will amaze all of you!

Thanks again for your post.

Have to agree your spamming was pretty terrible. You wouldn’t even stop after being called on it repeatedly. This reply is pretty terrible as well. You are the last person who should be calling anyone a “real” developer or not.

You represent your company here and being a spamming-snarky-shit-talker will get you nowhere.

I think that Google’s new policy is leveling the playing field and forcing ad networks to be IAB standard Compliant. This means most will be a commodity competing on higher ad eCPMs and country specific ads. I champion Mobario for their courage but at the end of the day it will be Google dictating to us developer how they will allow us to engage the users.

Most of these newer SDKs are non-compliant. Its like saying, Yes we are compliant till they get canned.

Wait for 1 more month and we will see how many of these network remain active. Then, you can pick up the ones that left on the scene

IAB standard has got nothing to do with this.
Airpush has won several IAB awards and Asher (Airpush’s CEO) is on the Board of Directors for IAB’s Mobile Center of Excellence. It’s done nothing to prevent push ads from being disallowed.

This all comes down to what Google sees as kosher advertising products. The way I see it - it’s a game of having viable advertising products and the ad companies having a good dialogue with Google. In our view, it’s the only way to make sure that our products continue evolving in tandem with Google’s view of the market.

Soapbox - I understand the very healthy caution and skepticism that developers have towards anything that isn’t plain vanilla ad products. However, I don’t think that any ad company here is lying outright. It’s perfectly within reason to ask every ad network wether they think they are compliant because that’s the way they read the policy or whether they have confirmation from Google that they are on the straight and narrow. I think that will help separate companies with a viable long-term product from companies/products are just playing dodgeball with Google.

So more to my point, the field has been leveled.

No more Push & Icons. which was a big part of your revenue, hence the name Air “push.”

Google is “cleaning” up their platform and their image. You do recall all the commercials MS has ran on them saying “Don’t be scroogled” Are you getting Scroogled, again? - YouTube pretty harsh criticism.

It is clear as day to see that they are getting rid of these types of ads, to those on the outside looking in, appear very intrusive.

So more of a reason for Google to move along the lines of what Apple has done from the beginning.

When I mentioned IAB standards, I was referring to “IN-APP ADS” like standard 320 x 50, 300 x 250 and had nothing to do with Asher’s involvement with IAB.

Look ElnRoz, I truly commend Airpush’s effort and I’m sure this has taken a hit forsure, like it has for multiple ad networks, but knowing Airpush they will weather this storm.

Thanks and Good Luck.

:slight_smile: I loved that video :slight_smile:

Although I’ve never worked with Airpush, I have a lot of respect for them and I hope that they will weather this storm and find ways to stay relevant for developers.

The field has been limited. I’m a firm believer that constraints foster creativity, so I’m sure that in the long run this will do good to everyone and that there will be more creative ad solutions (in-app or out-of-app) presented in the market.

It has you as an official rep… what company?

I’m from Pingjam.
I was sure that signature gave me away…

yeah I just noticed that… Cool…